The secret to gifts that are memorable and appreciated is to get something people really want and/or need. When choosing gifts for busy executives, it may help to consider their lifestyle and work routine. This can lead to selections that are practical, stylish, and sometimes downright fun.

Below are 10 gifts that we think any busy executive would like to receive.

Hybrid duffel bag

Busy executives need a lot of flexibility when traveling. This hybrid bag by Solo New York is a spacious, rolling duffel bag with a front, zippered pocket, and lockable zipper pulls.

The shoulder strap is adjustable — but more importantly, it’s also removable. So, when they don’t feel like carrying the bag, they can just use the push button telescoping handle system and easy glide wheels to simply roll the bag behind them.

2-in-1 air travel stabilizer

When flying, it can be a challenge to juggle your drink and devices. However, the Airhook 2.0 can make traveling less hectic.

This multipurpose device can hook on an inflight tray table to provide a stable drink holder and offers a secure mount for a cell phone or tablet. If your busy executive is flying economy, this can be a lifesaver. And with the Crossbar, the Airhook can also be used in automobiles or even placed on exercise equipment.

Desk lamp/alarm/phone charger

Desk clutter makes executives less productive. However, the LumiCharge LED Desk Lamp is an all-in-one workstation. It includes a phone charger — in fact, you can even charge two phones at the same time (charging one wirelessly and the other using the pre-built connectors on the back).

The lamp’s digital display shows the time, date, day of the week, temperature — and there’s also an alarm setting. Since it is a lamp, after all, there are three different hues and 10 levels of brightness, along with a motion sensor setting to turn the light on whenever someone walks by.

Chocolate pizza

If your busy executive loves chocolate, a chocolate pizza from the Chocolate Pizza Company is as good as it gets — and even comes in a custom pizza box. Made of gourmet milk chocolate and homemade English toffee, the toppings include red and green chocolate candy, peanut butter cups and candy bar pieces.

Is that too much chocolate? An alternative is the Drumstick Coco Pizza, which also has a chocolate base, but is topped with pecans, almonds, walnuts, pretzels, caramel, and sea salt.

Vintage chocolate messenger bag

For fat- and calorie-free chocolate lovers, consider something like this chocolately brown, vintage messenger bag from TucciPolo. Whether your busy executive is wearing a suit or jeans, this handmade Italian leather messenger — which also functions as a briefcase and a laptop bag — goes with everything.

The bag has brass-tone hardware and an extra-long leather strap. In addition to the zippered laptop compartment, there are two additional pockets suitable for a mobile phone and small accessories.

Personalized messenger bag

One of the trending home design colors is grey, and this color is also finding its way into business accessories as well. And who doesn’t like personalization? This Royal Albartross Aston Messenger in Wolf Grey is roomy enough for work or travel essentials.

Made of Italian leather with hand-zipped and patch pockets, the Aston Messenger bag also includes an optional leather strap. In addition, the bag can be personalized with up to four letters that are embossed in gold, silver, or blind (which is a more subtle option).

Travel essentials kit

In addition to duffel and messenger bags, busy executives also need a stylish way to keep all of their accessories together and protected. Knack has created The Road Warrior, a travel set that includes all of the essentials.

This set includes a brown top-grain cowhide leather rollable cord wrap that contains three cord slots and a side pocket for accessories. It also has a leather keychain and luggage tag. In addition, the travel tumbler keeps drinks at the desired temperature for up to six hours.

Additional laptop monitor

Laptops provide convenience, but when trying to view multiple documents, that small screen has limitations. This SideTrak attachable portable monitor can provide busy executives with an extra screen.

It clips on the back of the laptop via metal plates and comes with a USB C cord and a USB A adapter. The screen can be attached to the left or right side of the laptop, and it can also be rotated 180 degrees.

The tracks extend to allow it to fit most laptops from 13 to 15 inches and can be used with most Mac, Chromebook and Windows laptops.

Language translation device

Globe-trotting executives may not be fluent in every language, but the Travis Touch Plus Two-Way Translator is a handheld device that breaks down language barriers (and doesn’t require you to hand your phone to a stranger!).

By simply selecting which one of the 105 included languages they want to translate, execs can press the button, talk, and their words will be translated as they’re speaking. By pressing the button again, executives can let the other person speak, and that conversation will also be translated.

Ear pajamas

One thing every busy executive needs is sleep, but when they’re stressed on a long flight next to someone snoring or subjected to rowdy neighbors, sleeping can be next to impossible. Wireless SleepPhones embed audio speakers in a washable headband, making it easy to listen to white noise or music and drown out other sounds.

These wireless headbands can also be used when walking, jogging, or trying to watch TV or listen to music without disturbing others. The company refers to SleepPhones as “pajamas for the ears,” since they’re even comfortable when sleeping on your side.