The leaves are changing, the aromas of pumpkin and apple are in the air, and the weather is getting crisper by the day, which only means one thing: The holidays are right around the corner.

If you're like me, you can't wait to open the storage closet or venture down to the basement and dig up your holiday decorations. From the warm fall colors and carved pumpkins to the festive green and red duo, the most wonderful time of year is the coziest. While we spend most of our time at home, basking in the holiday lights and wreaths, we can also bring that joy to work by adding holiday office decorations.

Are you ready to deck the halls? Check out these simple yet creative office holiday decorating ideas for the holidays.

Upload a festive computer wallpaper

One easy approach to change the appearance and atmosphere of your workspace is to change the screensaver or background on your computer. There are hundreds of visually appealing possibilities online.

Add festive lighting

LED light strands, fairy lights or string lights can all create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere at your workplace. You can wrap them around pillars, desk edges, or hang them along walls or windows.

Bring in a poinsettia or colorful flowers/leaves

Nothing says Christmastime quite like a gorgeous ruby poinsettia. It will give an otherwise dull office some glitz. However, as plants are only festive when they're alive, make sure you water them and place them near a window for a few hours every week, if possible.

Bring a mini tree, menorah or kinara

If there's room, you may place a classic piece of decor on your desk. You could even decorate it with mini ornaments! However, take care not to start a fire by unplugging all lights at the end of each workday and avoiding trying to light any candles.

Wrap tinsel

Wrap a strand of tinsel garland around the edges of your desk. This creates a sparkling border that adds a touch of holiday magic. You could also hang a curtain of tinsel garland along the front of your desk. This creates a whimsical and eye-catching display.

As the holiday season approaches, transforming your office into a winter wonderland fills the air with excitement. For those of you who have a door in your workplace, consider these decorations to bring joy to the world.

Hang a wreath

Put a festive wreath on the door of your workplace for some added holiday cheer. You can use ornaments, pinecones or even candy canes to create a unique wreath instead of sticking to the traditional evergreen design.

Door coverings

Use a holiday-themed door cover or poster to instantly transform the look of your office door. There are various designs available, from snowflakes to Santa Claus. You could even wrap your door with wrapping paper!

Window clings or decals

Adhere window decals or clings with holiday themes to the glass section of your office door. This lets light through while adding a festive touch.

Hang stockings

Attach a few small stockings or socks to your door, either as decoration or as a creative way to distribute small treats or gifts.

Paper snowflakes or ornaments

Create or buy large paper snowflakes or ornaments and hang them on your door. This adds a whimsical and handmade touch. Getting crafty with handmade snowflakes (remember the days of construction paper and scissors?) could be a fun office activity as well.

Get decorating!

Decorating your desk, cubicle, office or door is a cheerful way to get into holiday spirit. Think of adding vibrant ornaments, sparkling lights and holiday-themed decorations that capture the essence of the season. Additionally, you can set up a shared holiday-themed area or organize a decorating contest for employees to participate in and add their own unique touches. There are many festive office holiday decoration ideas that can create a positive and enjoyable atmosphere, but also remember to be mindful of diverse perspectives and cultural sensitivities when decorating.

Remember to be mindful of any workplace policies or guidelines regarding decorations. Additionally, ensure that your decorations do not obstruct the functionality of the door or present any safety hazards. Decorating your office door is a wonderful way to share the holiday spirit with your colleagues and brighten up the workplace environment.

Happy Holidays!