Savanna Flakes
Savanna Flakes, EdS, is an education consultant specializing in inclusion, special education, and social emotional learning. Her prior instructional leadership roles include Manager of Professional Learning, Master Educator, Technology Integration Coach, and an Inclusion Instructional specialist, coaching administrators and teachers on effective inclusive and instructional practices. Savanna serves as a professor in the American University School of Education and Health, and she presents nationally on topics such as differentiation, co-teaching, universal design for learning, and inclusion. Her TED Talk on "Inclusion and Fast Food" is inspiring. Savanna's new book, "Shaking Up Special Education Instructional Moves to Increase Student Achievement" is available for pre-order.

As an education consultant, Savanna provides professional development and coaching to support teachers with effective instructional practices for students with exceptionalities. For more information, visit Inclusion For a Better Future.