Kimberley Bell
Dr. Kimberley Bell, DPT, practices physical therapy in San Diego and specializes in consultation and treatment of patients with dizziness, vertigo, imbalance and older adults with unexplained repeated falls. Dr. Bell offers continuing education courses for physical therapists (PT CEUs), professional mentoring, study groups and business consulting services to support her colleagues in learning and integrating her unique and comprehensive approach to this population: "The Bell Method." She has previously held adjunct faculty positions in the Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT) programs at both University of Maryland, Baltimore, and University of St. Augustine, San Diego, and is presently a regular guest lecturer at San Diego State University's DPT program. Dr. Bell is currently serving her second term as the volunteer co-chair of the San Diego County Fall Prevention Task Force.

For more information about Dr. Bell, visit or check out her YouTube channel "Kimberley Bell."