Gip Erskine
Gip Erskine, CPM, CCIM, founded EverSmarts in 2013 to become an informative, inspirational platform to share universal truths and experiences with the property management community and help property managers bring out their best selves in their career and in their personal lives. Additionally, after 30 years as a property manager, Gip has been recently promoted to director of training for Transwestern.

He developed a unique success curriculum called Change Course designed specifically for property managers tasked with doing more with less. Through his teachings, Gip gets you past the state of overwhelm, gives you clarity on how to attain your highest goals and helps you focus on what matters in your career and in your life. His Master Your Calendar course is designed equip uber-busy property managers with tools and techniques necessary to optimize time and restore a healthy work-life balance. He has a Free Guide called "Top 5 Reasons Property Managers Get Fired And How To Avoid Them."