Catriona O'Kane and Inna Koldorf

Catriona O’Kane is Business Development Manager for Precision Global Consulting (PGC), a workforce management platform. Catriona consults with companies to understand their existing back office operations processes to identify how implementing technology can allow for scale and growth. Born in Ireland, Catriona has worked in the U.K. and Europe before moving to the U.S. and previously worked in Marketing for Vodafone and HBO.

Inna Koldorf

Inna Koldorf’s practice is focused in the areas of Labour & Employment Law, Human Rights Law, and Workplace Investigations. Inna provides clients with strategic advice and training to ensure legal compliance with the different aspects of workplace law, leaving them with more time to run their business rather than having to address human resource issues. Having advised and represented unions and employees earlier in her career, Inna brings a unique perspective to the counsel and representation that she now provides exclusively to employers.