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  • A sound plan gives strength to New Year’s resolutions

    Bob Kowalski Recreation & Leisure

    Ringing in the year with some New Year's resolutions? Set yourself up for success by planning your resolution roadmap for the year ahead.

  • 7 ways to balance your work-from-home routine

    Acacia Munoz Recreation & Leisure

    Successful work-from-home routines require boundaries to create a sustainable situation and help maintain a healthy work-life balance. Here are seven steps to follow to reset your work-life balance and set your own routine while working remotely

  • Oklahoma City’s First Americans Museum: A celebration of native culture

    Dave G. Houser Recreation & Leisure

    ​The rhythmic sounds of drumming, shaking and chanting of ruffled and beaded Chickasaw dancers echoed off the looming glass and steel edifice of Oklahoma City's dazzling new $175 million ​First A​mericans Museum on Sept. 18 – signaling the opening of a repository uniquely designed to tell history through the lens of the region's tribal peoples.

  • What if labor shortage is a long-term threat to the hospitality and tourism…

    Linchi Kwok Recreation & Leisure

    The U.S. economy finally shows signs of a strong recovery from the pandemic. Nevertheless, the surging delta variant cases, inflation, and the global supply chain disruption, among other concerns, add considerable uncertainty to the economic outlook. However, the hospitality and tourism industry is unlikely to recover any time soon.

  • America’s favorite lakes for family fun

    Dave G. Houser Recreation & Leisure

    It's hard to imagine a better way to spend a summer day than by splashing about in a refreshing lake. America is home to thousands of them, of course, including about 200 major lakes. Checking out possibilities across the country, we've come up with seven particularly splendid lakes for family vacation fun. So grab your floaty and join the sun squad at one of these shimmering gems.

  • The thrill behind the wheel: A lifelong inventory of automotive ownership

    David Newton Recreation & Leisure

    Taste in vehicles is subjective and thus lands automotive purchases all over the proverbial map. Whether it's a muscle car with brutish authority, a sports car with amazing grip and power, or a minivan packed with responsibility and safety, all automobiles bring something to the table. Yet, even though contentment, perspective and interests fluctuate over the years, there is always one common thread – a bond that ties together all automotive acquisitions. It is the fundamental thrill of getting behind the wheel and pointing it down the road for the next adventure.

  • The new normal in travel: What will luxury look like?

    Lark Gould Recreation & Leisure

    The pandemic has produced a lot of new normals: masking, distancing, soloing, Zooming. And it has also borne a growing new normal in travel, especially in the luxury market. This segment of the travel industry is not new but it is growing at rocket speed, according to a report by Allied Market Research. The report cites the rising inclination toward unique and exotic holiday experiences, increased disposable incomes and related expenditures in the middle- and upper-class economic tiers, and a growth in the need and interest of people to spend more time with family.

  • Research shows that you should let consumers’ photos speak for your…

    Linchi Kwok Recreation & Leisure

    The advance of technology and the widespread adoption of smartphones and handheld devices in recent years have enabled us to publish our experience about a product or service through online photo or video sharing and provide a review. Online review websites have also updated their features, making it easier for consumers to attach pictures or videos to their reviews. As both consumers and businesses adapt to the new photo-sharing trend, it becomes crucial to expand our knowledge regarding user-generated photos’ (UGPs’) effect on online reviews.

  • 6 of America’s funkiest art towns

    Dave G. Houser Recreation & Leisure

    According to a 2019 report from the U.S. Travel Association, nearly half of all vacationers visit an art museum or gallery during their travels. While one would expect to find art on prominent display in large cities such as New York and San Francisco or in artsy hot spots like Santa Fe or Sedona, there are a number of small, offbeat and under-the-radar towns where you’ll find some of America’s most avant-garde and inspirational art. If you’re ready for some oddball ingenuity and cosmic craziness, let’s check out this select list of America’s funkiest art towns.

  • Infographic: The business of women’s sports and how it’s growing

    Jason Adams Recreation & Leisure

    The world of women’s sports has been gaining attention for the past few years, and today it’s trending more than ever. Viewership for women’s sports has increased significantly just in the past year. For example, viewership for the National Women’s Soccer League grew by 300% in 2020. It’s a common misconception that men are much more drawn to sports than women, but the truth is that the difference in interest between genders is small. Eighty-four percent of sports fans are interested in women’s sports.

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