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  • Customer experience and employee engagement: An interconnected working…

    Katherine Radin Marketing

    The link between employee engagement and customer experience can lead company's success or failure. Find out how to strengthen that link here.

  • What to do when you notice your team ‘quiet quitting’

    Brie Ragland Marketing

    Quiet quitting is a new trend where employees are finding themselves completely burned out and uninterested in going above and beyond for their job anymore. To keep your team from jumping on this bandwagon, every leader within your company should actively look for signs of quiet quitting and address them head on. Here's how.

  • 5 fresh ways to beat consumer decision fatigue in your social media and…

    Lisa Mulcahy Marketing

    As a business owner or marketer, you've probably thought that the causes of decision fatigue which could stop a consumer from paying attention to your brand messages online are completely out of your control, right? Think again. Decision fatigue has everything to do with the specifics of your customers' lives at any given moment, and nothing to do with the quality of your brand and product.

  • Turning your experience into accomplishments and skills

    Hank Boyer Marketing

    Since you were old enough to start your first job or tackle school assignments, you've been accumulating the experiences needed for a successful future. Landing your ideal job as a recent graduate or a seasoned professional depends on how well you translate those experiences into accomplishments and skills that match a prospective employer's needs.

  • Infographic: The science of analytics

    Brian Wallace Marketing

    Many marketing people favor the creative side of their minds over their analytical side. If you're a creative type and go off instinct, you might be leaving a lot of good information (and revenue) on the table. It's time to embrace the science of analytics.

  • Want your employees to voice suggestions when customers treat them poorly?…

    Linchi Kwok Marketing

    When consumers know they are always right, they may breed a sense of superiority or entitlement, expecting the frontline employees to comply with any customer behaviors. Current literature has identified customer mistreatment's negative effects on employees' psychological states and work-related intentions/behaviors. Companies need to promote employees' customer-focused voice behavior, through which they can gain first-hand knowledge about their customers and identify potential issues for service improvement.

  • False negatives in COVID-19 testing and what they mean for your business

    Lisa Mulcahy Marketing

    As the country reopens, the COVID-19 crisis will continue to impact your brand for the foreseeable future — sometimes in ways you never considered. What would the impact on your business be if your patrons or staff test negative for COVID-19 as you try to re-establish operations, but it turns out they are actually positive?

  • 5 surprising ways consumers really think

    Lisa Mulcahy Marketing

    Taking a deeper dive into the overall ways consumers think online can yield some pretty surprising insights — insights you can use to boost your bottom line, and give your customers what they truly seek. Use these science-driven tips to reboot your strategies as your company expands post-pandemic, and enjoy more success than ever:

  • 9 essential tips for managing customer data

    Gunjan Tripathi Marketing

    Customer data is a major asset to any company. Therefore, it should be appropriately maintained. After all, what is the use of data if it is misplaced, outdated or not accurate? Inaccurate data can ruin a company's reputation, whereas precise customer data can help promote products in a customer-centric way, increasing sales, customer relations and customer retention. Here are nine tips to help you reach your profit goals by managing your data more effectively.

  • 5 common myths about social advertising

    Brian Meert Marketing

    Social media advertising doesn't have to be a costly expense. You can run most ads for just a few bucks, after all – and if you have your target audience pegged and choose the proper ad settings, those few bucks can get you pretty far. However, if you’re not handling social advertising correctly, any amount of money spent is money wasted.

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