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  • The end of gas prices as we know them

    Stefanie Heerwig Natural Resources

    Many have heard about fears that exports of natural gas in the U.S. could lead to comparatively higher domestic gas prices, potentially hampering the growth of the U.S. economy. Antiexport proponents are mostly energy-intensive groups like the chemical and metal industries. On the contrary, a study done for the U.S. Department of Energy by the economic consultancy NERA in 2013 suggests that natural gas exports would actually benefit the U.S. economy, despite rising natural gas prices.

  • How to mitigate risks in your supply chain

    Sasha Viasasha Distribution & Warehousing

    If there were no risks, there would be no rewards. Yet customers do not pay for explanations. They demand a steady supply of goods no matter what your individual risks are. Although risk is just part of the equation when it comes to logistics, successful companies are able to minimize risks by planning for the unexpected. From weather to world events, there is a great deal of volatility at every step along a complex supply chain. Here is a breakdown of how to identify those risks before they arise, how to assess their impact and ultimately how to overcome them.

  • Planning for a trade show: A comprehensive undertaking

    Donna Ryan Travel, Hospitality & Event Management

    ​Planning for a trade show is a comprehensive project. Therefore, you need to develop several checklists so you can make sure that the show is a rousing success. Not only do you have to make sure all the proper displays are included for use, you also have to keep communication open and ongoing with the logistics company you choose. Working with a shipper will enable your marketing team to concentrate on its role and help your organization keep better track of its budget.

  • Leadership comes from experience

    Ray Haight Distribution & Warehousing

    Effective leadership in business, politics, family or any organization is critical to the success of that situation. I have seen and been involved in many situations at many trucking companies, nonprofit organizations and community efforts that would be succeeding with the addition of one missing element — effective leadership. Someone with dedication vision and a strong moral compass who walks the walk can fix almost any issue in any circumstance.

  • Truckers: Let’s send a positive image

    Tom Kretsinger, Jr.

    For as long as I have been involved in industry associations — whether on a state or federal level — folks in the industry talk about improving our image. Mostly we talk to each other, an audience already holding a positive image of ourselves. That takes little convincing. Yet what do most people outside of the industry think of when they think of truckers?

  • Afghanistan at a crossroads for future oil and gas extraction

    Stefanie Heerwig Natural Resources

    At the beginning of October, Afghanistan's Ministry of Mines and Petroleum released a new tender for a block in the prospective Amu-Darya basin at the northern tip of the country. China's giant state-owned oil and gas company, CNPC, already holds two blocks in that basin and started extracting oil at the end of last year. Twelve years after the invasion into Afghanistan, the country finds itself at the crossroads to a promising future thanks to its riches in oil, gas and other natural resources.