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  • Electronic device applications — the road ahead

    Don Rosato

    Stated simply, 20 percent of global electricity is consumed for lighting. The advent of light emitting diodes (LED) — only the fourth lighting technology in the history of humankind is transforming the lighting industry. Plastics are playing a key role in lighting alternatives as global requirements for energy efficient alternatives to incandescent light bulbs continue to tighten.

  • Business owners and facility managers go green to save green

    Joy Burgess

    ​Many business owners and facility managers equate going green with spending more money. Implementing certain green technologies that reduce water use, improve energy efficiency and increase sustainability requires an initial investment, but many facility managers and business owners have found that going green actually saves money over time.

  • Even downtown remodeling projects are bigger in Texas

    Bambi Majumdar

    Downtown remodeling is a hot topic now. Increasing number of local governments and municipalities are focusing on changing the face of their downtowns and converting them into modern areas of work and leisure.

  • Kitchen trends 2013: The green kitchen

    Bambi Majumdar

    Like any other trend and fashion, how we look at the kitchen and what we want in it changes over time. Each change is greatly influenced by other factors in the age, the ornate for the periodic and minimalistic for the modern.

  • Stadium renovations: Is it time?

    Nick Merrill

    From getting electric-car charging stations to completely modernizing their food vendors, stadiums across the country (and across the world) are making improvements and renovating in order to justify the price of admission. But where to start? Here are a few improvements that venues big and small have recently made.