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  • 3 essential KPIs to align creative output with performance

    Elea Andrea Almazora Business Management, Services & Risk Management

    Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are measures used to gauge the success of a business, a campaign, a project, an employee, or processes of production. For example, if you send a fax online with an invoice, an accounting department can use this as part of their KPIs to see the time it takes to receive payment of that invoice. For creative teams, projects, or inputs, measuring performance can be difficult. Businesses with creative departments constantly question the value of those departments. Yet, even though creativity is not easy to define and is hard to measure, it is possible to assess its value using the following three indicators, among others.

  • 5 less explored marketing channels that can bring a lot of value

    Petra Odak Marketing

    Marketers have multiple options to promote their products and services. You have almost certainly heard of email marketing and social media marketing. Marketers use these methods because they work. And when the marketing is effective, the money comes in. But what about the other avenues you might be ignoring? In this article, let’s look at five less-explored marketing channels that can still bring a lot of value to your business.

  • 10 ways to make a positive first impression at a new job

    Hank Boyer Business Management, Services & Risk Management

    First impressions are lasting impressions. Every new employee is under intense scrutiny as hiring managers and HR attempt to evaluate each new hire’s potential. Impressing in a series of interviews and during the selection process was only the preliminaries. Every new employee starts out at exactly the same place in the job, since there is no performance track record to view, no known bad habits, and an equal opportunity to excel. Here are 10 ways to stand out and make a great first impression during your onboarding period.

  • 6 high-paying logistics and supply chain jobs to watch

    Gail Short Distribution & Warehousing

    According to Digital Commerce 360, Americans spent more than $861 billion with online retailers in 2020, the highest annual e-commerce growth in the United States in at least 20 years. With the explosion of e-commerce, the need for logistics and supply chain professionals has expanded as well. In fact, the recent LinkedIn Jobs on the Rise report listed several occupations on the frontlines of e-commerce among the 15 fastest-growing jobs. The industries in this sector include logistics services, warehouse operations and transportation. The following are just some of the highest paid jobs in the sector today.

  • GameStop: How it happened, where it’s going

    Bruce L. Gordon Business Management, Services & Risk Management

    The current stock market fight started with GameStop — a retail mainstay for the video game market that has been facing hard times even before the pandemic. Many investors have been shorting the stock , which is nothing new in terms of the stock market. What’s interesting this time is that many individual investors — many on the popular RobinHood app and r/WallStreetBets Reddit community, have called the bluff by squeezing the short position — driving what was an $18 stock in early January 2021 to as much as a high of $483. Where will the Reddit GameStop short game end up? Check out this visual deep dive for more information.

  • Why digital transformation is crucial for e-commerce success

    Indiana Lee Business Management, Services & Risk Management

    Two decades ago, anyone with an online storefront was considered a forward-thinking innovator. Now, if you don’t have an e-commerce presence, you’re behind the times. This mass migration into the digital marketplace was spurred forward even faster when the coronavirus pandemic shuttered brick-and-mortar businesses across the globe. If you want to find e-commerce success in the 21st century, you must go a step further by embracing digital transformation as well.

  • CES 2021: The year of staying home with gadgets

    Lark Gould Science & Technology

    As CES 2021 rolled out, it was not in Las Vegas. In fact, it was not anywhere in particular this year after more than a half-century of taking over the neon gaming mecca for four days of immersion in a veritable ocean of newfangled stuff and portentous technology. It was online-only and navigated through a tornado of tech talks and virtual kiosks. Still, there was news, analysis and plenty to talk about this year as the coronavirus continues to rage and a new administration takes over and changes some key commerce and trade policies.

  • CES 2021 highlights the federal force behind a new era in technology

    Lark Gould Civil & Government

    Managing an upward trajectory and positive environment that fosters the strength of U.S. technology companies is a topic that played large at CES this year. The world’s largest consumer technology exchange ended last week after it successfully executed the entire event online for the first time in its history. To offer an incoming U.S. government perspective on the current state of tech was CES CEO Gary Shapiro, who sat down with Brian Deese, President-elect Biden's pick to direct the National Economic Council (NEC), for a discussion of what may be ahead in leadership.

  • Good news in your job search: Harry, Larry, and the bear

    Hank Boyer Business Management, Services & Risk Management

    What is North America’s No. 1 domestic issue of most concern to the average person? Politics? Coronavirus? Who will win Super Bowl LV? Nope! The thing that concerns most people is still jobs. Whether you are 18 or 80, you’ve likely never seen it more difficult to find a great job in your field of interest in your lifetime. Lockdowns in various regions of the country, overseas competition, and rapidly changing methods employers use to fill jobs have all made it difficult for good people to find good jobs.

  • What ‘business ghosting’ says about your leadership, and why…

    Simma Lieberman Business Management, Services & Risk Management

    One would think that during this time of COVID-19, work from home, and high unemployment that people who have the title of "leader" would make an extra effort to be kind and caring to their employees and other people with whom they come in contact. While I’ve seen some amazing leaders who practice that kindness, caring and respect for others, there is another group of people who have the title of leader but whose actions are just the opposite. For them, they practice what I call "business ghosting."