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  • How the construction industry builds smarter with artificial intelligence

    Jamela Adam Construction & Building Materials

    With the advent of sophisticated machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence, the construction industry is one sector to be positively impacted. Traditional processes are no longer efficient in the world of digitalization, and AI is here to stay. Designers, project managers, and construction workers on site are now able to use AI technology such as surveillance drones, 3D printers, and construction robots to automate time-consuming tasks and increase efficiency throughout the value chain.

  • Infographic: The rise of Bitcoin

    Bruce L. Gordon Business Management, Services & Risk Management

    Ah, Bitcoin. Whether you are a believer or not, there is no doubt that it has been on the rise lately. The question to many is — why? Bitcoin first came on the scene in 2009 — right at the fall of the housing market crisis. While there were then some ups and downs, Bitcoin didn’t hit the stratosphere until 2017, when it jumped from $1,000 to over $19,000. The year 2018 brought on a big crash, especially with a number of fraudulent ICOs (initial coin offerings). All that said, Bitcoin is back. Every day it seems it’s hitting new records — even briefly crossing the $60,000 line.

  • The importance of communicating with retail store associates about your…

    Katie McCarron Retail

    When it comes to growing sales through retail stores, manufacturers have countless avenues to invest time and resources — execute awareness-building campaigns, develop exciting point of sale, or increase promotional frequency and depth, to name a few. When executed well, any of these programs can have a valuable effect on sales, but it is important to never overlook the importance of partnering with retail store associates to ensure they are fully educated about your product, its use cases and typical customer questions. Here are four reasons that you should be investing time and resources in educating retail store associates.

  • What’s the BIG Idea? Episode 1: Sydney Guerrero on business development…

    Hank Boyer Business Management, Services & Risk Management

    In this episode of What’s the BIG Idea? we visit with Sydney Guerrero, Vice President of Busines Development for Orion Innovation, an $850 million global IT leader in digital transformation and product development services.

  • How to boost your sales with an improved e-commerce customer journey

    Iryna Bilyk Marketing

    Online shopping and same-day deliveries have increased consumer demand. Now, you can’t just create an e-commerce website and expect your products to sell. Customers have a range of expectations from your brand even before they click on your website. Not being able to provide an optimum e-commerce customer journey can take a toll on your revenues. You should always aim to offer a bit more than your competitors for an unmatched purchase journey and customer experience. In this post, we will explore three main ways to build a stellar digital customer journey. But first, let’s check out a few essential facts.

  • 2 eye-opening chatbot stats, backed with data from 400 websites

    Otto Antikainen Marketing

    Chatbots are by no means a new technology, but the biggest surge to utilizing them for business is yet to come. The focus with chatbots has long been on improving efficiency and saving costs in customer service. However, innovative chatbot implementations prove that chatbots have high potential in generating revenue by converting leads and sales online. Another prominent area is recruitment, where chatbots are used to attract passive candidates and screen them in an instant. Two eye-opening chatbot stats in this article will make you consider the potential of chatbots in a new light.

  • These are the non-insurance perks that workers want

    Terri Williams Business Management, Services & Risk Management

    Next to salary, insurance is probably the most important perk to workers. In fact, for some employees, health insurance is more important than pay. But workers also want other, non-insurance perks as well. Some companies boast that they offer ping-pong tables and pet-friendly offices, but these benefits aren’t really that popular. So, what do workers really want? Well, it tends to vary by generation.

  • Infographic: Why you need diversity in the supply chain

    Brian Wallace Distribution & Warehousing

    Why does the supply chain need to be diverse, you ask? There are underserved populations and businesses that are minority-owned who are not getting a seat at the table. According to Avinandan Mukherjee, dean of the Lewis College of Business at Marshall University: "Small companies are at the mercy of larger retail buyers and suppliers sometimes, and they get less focus and attention, especially when production is lower at the other end. So bargaining power definitely creates some risk for smaller companies." Also, large corporations are often missing the mark for their minority suppliers. Diversity needs to be less talk and more action.

  • The importance of having a great office chair

    Lark Gould Business Management, Services & Risk Management

    Last year, COVID-19 brought the world to its knees — or more appropriately, its backside. Hence, the chair. Choosing the right office chair can be a life or death matter, literally. While the meme "sitting is the new smoking” may be a phrase turned lightly in social gatherings, studies show a direct correlation between sitting and chronic disease and premature death. The cure? Short of surgery, there is much that can be done to prevent injury, promote wellness and live a long, happy and productive office life. And it all begins with… the chair.

  • Infographic: How to become an entrepreneur

    Brian Wallace Business Management, Services & Risk Management

    If you go back a few generations in time, entrepreneurs were not all about the glitz and glamor of today. It was actually a looked down upon profession. So, what’s changed in the world? Entrepreneurship only works properly with a contract with society to succeed.