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  • Disc golf etiquette: Issuing warnings

    Justin Weilacher

    ​Disc golf and ball golf have in common game parameters, scoring mechanism and competition formats. We also share the self-regulated nature of a "gentleman's game," gentle-person's game anyway. The players have the responsibility of scoring and policing the game. If an indiscretion occurs, it is part of the group's responsibility to help inform, regulate and penalize players.

  • Fantasy football: The future of scouting

    Nick Merrill

    Sundays used to hold a mystique for much of the country as pro football teams met on the gridiron. Upsets were stunning, everyone had a favorite team, and if your team lost, the defeat felt personal. For an ever-growing number of fans, the dynamic has changed with the advent of fantasy football. Your team is comprised of players from across the league, so loyalty and fandom is focused on individual players, and each loss is personal. So how will fantasy football further change the future of watching football?

  • The rise of the artificial disc

    Heidi Dawson

    A degenerative intervertebral disc is the most common diagnosis in cases of chronic lumbar pain. Constant pressure from above, coupled with shearing forces and absorbing repeated impacts causes weakening of the annulus, which may eventually lead to a herniation of the central nucleus. Pain then becomes more acute and more difficult to treat conservatively.

  • An abundance of clients? Thank the Affordable Care Act

    Dr. Georgene Collins

    As the Oct. 1 coverage deadline approaches, there are many complaints about the Affordable Care Act. Reduced benefits and increased costs are two of the most common complaints about the healthcare reform law, which was signed into law on March 23, 2010.

  • Flugtag: Where aeronautics, insanity and inspiration meet

    Ryan Clark

    The fact that the first place winner of the Washington, D.C., Red Bull Flugtag involved a licensed pilot and a fan of aeronautic engineering may not be a coincidence. Sometimes the best man to fly a plane is a pilot; a very crazy pilot. On Sept. 21, 2013, team Harvest Bureau, coming out of New Holland, Pa., pulled off the win by going the distance against 28 other teams in the first ever national Flugtag. On one day, there were five different Flugtags in five different cities: Chicago, Dallas, Long Beach Calif., Miami and Washington, D.C.

  • Mindful eating: Practical tips to get you started

    Dr. Shahla Khan

    ​When you practice mindful eating, you will begin to notice artificial flavors and additives that are present in many of our foods. Hopefully, you will develop a preference for real, natural unprocessed food, which of course is a very healthy way of eating.

  • Disc golf etiquette: Dogs and music on the course

    Justin Weilacher

    One way we lift our sport's profile is to be responsible and respectful about our dogs and our music on the disc golf course. Bringing unleashed pets and blaring offensive music at the course is the wrong direction if we want to have a professional organization. More than any other sport, we play in public shared spaces. As representatives of disc golf, we have to respect every other golfer and park user when we are using these public spaces.

  • Stadium renovations: Is it time?

    Nick Merrill

    From getting electric-car charging stations to completely modernizing their food vendors, stadiums across the country (and across the world) are making improvements and renovating in order to justify the price of admission. But where to start? Here are a few improvements that venues big and small have recently made.

  • King-Devick Test: An effective concussion screening for athletes?

    Dr. Denise A. Valenti Medical & Allied Healthcare

    An estimated 160 players suffered a head injury during regular-season play in the National Football League last season. Head injury is not unique to the American sport of football, but the concern about concussion and head injury in professional football, youth leagues, high school and college teams has caused the sport to be front and center in the controversy regarding concussion and long-term effects of such head injury.