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  • 10 commandments of injury prevention

    Heidi Dawson Sports & Fitness

    Injury prevention strategies are big business in professional sports. This is due to the cost in terms of treatment and playing time lost when an injury occurs. But it's not just professional athletes who should be taking injury prevention seriously. Even for an amateur athlete or "just for fun" athlete, many types of injury can be prevented, which in turn prevents time off work and costly treatment sessions.

  • Cleaning tip for athletic uniform stains: Use a good prespot stain remover

    Steve Dean

    The task of cleaning athletic uniforms is an age-old challenge. The difficult stains just won't go away with the normal laundry process that most sports moms use. Nothing is more frustrating than to have your child take the field in a uniform that is still showing signs of the stains from the previous game.

  • My first deer: An unforgettable experience

    John McAdams

    Just after first light that morning, my father tapped me on the knee and slowly motioned to our left. I looked and saw two shapes carefully moving through the mist. Looking through the scope on my rifle, I could see that the shapes were two young bucks about 50 yards away, walking warily toward the feeder in front of us, and my pulse quickened.

  • Brainstorming: Knowing when it’s safe to return to athletic activity

    Colleen Butler

    Colleen Butler, author of "Concussion Recovery: Rebuilding the Injured Brain," is offering practical advice to help with the recovery from brain injury. In the fourth edition of Brainstorming, readers have asked about returning to athletic activity as well as biofeedback and brain mapping.

  • Goals: Why aren’t you meeting yours?

    Jeff White

    ​We all know it is important to not only set goals, but also to talk about why some reach their goals and why others don't. From what I've seen, people set goals but often don't realize the amount of work it'll take to reach those goals. Many times, the goal you want to reach will force many changes in your life, and many of those changes will be big changes.

  • Disc golf etiquette: A final word

    Justin Weilacher

    Disc golf and the PDGA are at a turning point. It seems obvious from the tone of the survey the PDGA put out after the recent Board elections that the organization is trying to decide what the future of sanctioned events will look like. Everyone has an opinion.

  • College football recruiting: Assessing 4 types of intelligence

    Rey Hernandez

    ​I was speaking a few years ago to a good friend who was coaching at a major Division I FBS school, and we were discussing the college recruiting process. I asked him how perennial powers like the program in which he was coaching could have a year when these programs failed to compete at expected levels and finish with a losing record.

  • Top 5 running injury myths

    Heidi Dawson

    There are so many rumors and myths in running that are either not backed up by science or proven to be incorrect. Yet many of these are still touted as fact by either nonrunners or those in the health and exercise field who should know better. It was actually hard to pick just five running injury myths, but here are the biggest offenders on a regular basis.

  • New study sheds light on presentation of CTE symptoms

    Dorothy L. Tengler

    ​Scientists have long been aware of the devastation of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), which is marked by widespread accumulation of an abnormal protein called hyperphosphorylated tau. The disease usually presents with mood and behavioral changes at a young age. However, a new study suggests that clinical presentation could include cognitive symptoms at a later age.

  • Let’s talk about stress

    Jeff White

    When was the last time you were in a stressful situation? Last week? Last month? Today? Many of us have experienced some level of stress in the not too distant past, and will probably experience more in the near future. But what exactly is stress? How can we deal with it?