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  • New Orleans sets the stage for the rise of sports tourism

    Bambi Majumdar Travel, Hospitality & Event Management

    ​The results of the 2013 World Travel Awards held in September have brought forth surprising revelations for the tourism industry, particularly sports tourism. Not only is sports tourism on the rise, but more places are fast cultivating this culture to rise rapidly up the tourism ladder.

  • Holiday tips for healthy eating

    Jeff White Sports & Fitness

    The holidays are fast approaching, and that means we'll see more cakes, pies and cookies than there are stars in the sky. We'll be invited to more parties with food and drinks than we've probably been invited to all year.

  • ‘The Hunger Games’ franchise brings archery into focus

    Dr. Denise A. Valenti Sports & Fitness

    Jennifer Lawrence, who plays heroine Katniss Everdeen in "The Hunger Games" movie series, was described as the "real deal" by sports engineer and Olympic archery commentator George Tekmitchov. But it was not the usual reference describing the sincerity of personality in a Hollywood Oscar-winning actress. He was attesting to her skill with a bow and arrow.

  • Protecting young knees from injury associated with exercise

    Heidi Dawson Sports & Fitness

    Knee pain is something that is too often associated with just the older population. But knee pain is also a common complaint in younger people — especially those who exercise regularly. While in the short term, halting exercise may be beneficial for knee pain, in the long run this is clearly detrimental to overall health. For this reason, it is vital that we help protect young athletes from knee pain. And when it does occur, we must deal with it from the onset.

  • Developing a high school football team

    Scoop Reed Sports & Fitness

    Coaching is not just about winning and not just about teaching a set of skills. It is about passing on a way to look at the world and succeed in it. As coaches we are here to create independent, self-reliant, mature young people. To create this we have to give them life skills that will last them long after football. At the very core of what we believe is that those life skills will create a winning culture.

  • Tackling the biggest problem in football — the tackling

    Herb Meyer Sports & Fitness

    I played college football in the mid-1950s when you had to play on both sides of the ball, and I played in a single-wing offense which was pretty physical. Back then, you couldn't use your hands to block, you had to hit people.

  • PFPS: High-intensity exercises shown most effective in rehab

    Heidi Dawson Sports & Fitness

    The latest recommendations from new research regarding the rehabilitation of patellofemoral pain syndrome concur with the long-accepted form of treatment for this condition. The difference with this research is that the results suggest that exercise intensity is key to success.

  • The fundamentals of ball security

    Scoop Reed Sports & Fitness

    As offensive coaches, we study turnover ratios and design plays that will keep the football in our team's possession. In my years as a player and a coach, I have had difficulty understanding that if turnover ratio is important to the offense, then why don’t offenses spend more time practicing drills to protect against turnovers — specifically fumbles? Maybe we do not value possession of the football as much as we say.

  • 10 commandments of injury prevention

    Heidi Dawson Sports & Fitness

    Injury prevention strategies are big business in professional sports. This is due to the cost in terms of treatment and playing time lost when an injury occurs. But it's not just professional athletes who should be taking injury prevention seriously. Even for an amateur athlete or "just for fun" athlete, many types of injury can be prevented, which in turn prevents time off work and costly treatment sessions.

  • Cleaning tip for athletic uniform stains: Use a good prespot stain remover

    Steve Dean

    The task of cleaning athletic uniforms is an age-old challenge. The difficult stains just won't go away with the normal laundry process that most sports moms use. Nothing is more frustrating than to have your child take the field in a uniform that is still showing signs of the stains from the previous game.