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  • As close as your own breath: A simple — and free — way to improve your…

    Victoria Fann Medical & Allied Healthcare

    We breathe approximately 25,000 times a day, and 30-50% of us are doing it improperly. Almost as many of us have respiratory issues and illnesses that affect our sleep, brain function and overall health. How could this be? Breathing happens in the body automatically without us having to think about it. That’s exactly the problem. Most of us are not conscious about this essential bodily function.

  • Infographic: The basics of muscle pain and how to fix it

    Brian Wallace Medical & Allied Healthcare

    Musculoskeletal problems are often caused by working conditions and are a leading cause of disability worldwide. In the U.S., an estimated 264 million workdays are lost each year due to back pain alone. This infographic outlines the causes of pain and impact and efficacy of physical therapy and other treatments.

  • How to fend off bugs — naturally

    Dave G. Houser Recreation & Leisure

    Summer has returned — and for most of us that means two things for certain: we'll be outdoors a whole lot more, and we'll be joined by a variety of biting or otherwise irritating bugs. Since it was developed by the U.S. military in the 1940s, a synthetic repellent — DEET — has served as the primary ingredient for keeping bugs at bay. Some people, however, can't use DEET at its most effective and longest lasting strength without negative consequences. Fortunately, there’s an array of reasonably effective alternates, mostly natural oils and plant extracts that are nontoxic.

  • For gyms and bookstores, the coronavirus pandemic means getting creative

    Kevin Reynolds Business Management, Services & Risk Management

    If there will ever be a theme of the coronavirus saga for small businesses, it will probably go something like this: Adapt in ways never thought possible. It has already been well-documented how restaurants, offices and other firms have scrambled to adjust with contactless business for an unscripted amount of time. But for gyms, local bookstores and other outlets with a less obvious transition to a virtual world, it has been a much harder three months.

  • Podcast: Using Facebook Live events to market to patients

    Jarod Carter Sports & Fitness

    In this episode, Jarod Carter explains how you can use Facebook Live events to market your cash-based physical therapy services. Promoting live events to your existing list of contacts is a great follow-up strategy for increasing reactivations and tune-up sessions and keeping your practice top of mind among discharged patients. You'll hear tips for deciding if there's sufficient interest, how to approach scheduling, and how to make sure everything goes smoothly.

  • Trails for two-wheelers: A look at the United States Bicycle Route System

    Dave G. Houser Recreation & Leisure

    Missouri’s Katy Trail State Park is a cyclist’s dream. Created by repurposing a 237-mile-long stretch of the old Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad, the bicycle trail cuts across Missouri’s midriff with over half its length following Lewis & Clark’s path up the Missouri River as they launched their epic expedition of discovery. This trail is typical of a fast-growing number of long-distance cycling routes crisscrossing America that have inspired development of a national cycling route network known as the United States Bicycle Route System (USBRS).

  • Chia or flax: Which is better for your health?

    Amanda Ghosh Food & Beverage

    Acai, blueberries, hemp, moringa, cacao, maca, alfalfa...the list goes on and on. It can be difficult to decipher which superfoods you should be investing in with so many on the market. Let’s tackle chia and flax and decide which one is better for you.

  • Video: The second-fastest way to generate telehealth patients for your…

    Jarod Carter Marketing

    I recently put on a live online workshop that generated about $4,000 worth of new telehealth patients for my private practice. Yes, you read that correctly, and now that recorded presentation has been turned into an "evergreen webinar" so it can continue to generate new leads and patients on autopilot. I've found online workshops to be the second fastest way to generate new business for my practice during COVID-19 (which is currently only seeing telehealth patients). With all the above statements, you’re probably wondering a couple things.

  • Podcast: How to market a cash-based practice on social media

    Jarod Carter Marketing

    In this episode, Jarod Carter does a deep dive on how to approach social media marketing for a cash-based physical therapy practice. You'll learn about constructing compelling ads and targeting them to your ideal customers. He'll also walk you through how you can determine exactly which ads are effective in bringing enough cash-pay business into your practice.

  • Preventing back injuries in children who participate in flexibility-related…

    Sheilamary Koch Sports & Fitness

    Instagram is full of kids and teens showing off their super flexibility — and my daughters seem to follow them all. One thing I’ve pointed out to them is we don’t see posts when they’re injured nor are we privy to how they’re faring 15 or 20 years from now. Fortunately, by taking the precautions that follow, conscientious parents and coaches can help reduce needless injury for young athletes and performers who strive to accomplish phenomenal feats of flexibility.