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  • Take a hike, for your health

    Amanda Ghosh Sports & Fitness

    There are 60,000 miles of hiking trails in the United States. A brisk walk will boost your mood, but it could also improve your body’s response to vaccination, and that’s worth talking about during flu season and a global pandemic. When you get a vaccine, your body responds by improving your immunity to the disease the vaccine prevents. So, while vaccines are important, vaccination response is equally essential. Behavioral alterations that improve vaccination response, like exercise, are fantastic because they can significantly affect immunity quickly and affordably. Yes, a hike (or even walk) can make a difference.

  • Podcast: A marketing magician’s tricks to turn prospects into patients

    Jarod Carter Marketing

    Since he was a child, Dave Dee wanted to be a magician. But he grew up and settled for work in "practical" jobs, adding in magic shows when he could. Like most of us, he believed if he got really good at his craft, success would follow. But instead, he just fell further into debt. In an effort to find answers, he studied marketing, and that sparked a huge mindset shift. Every private practice must do the same things to succeed: generate leads and close them, perform the service and get paid, and generate repeat business and referrals. That's why many of the same marketing principles that work for a magician will work for essentially any private practice.

  • Isolation is terrible for your health. How should you keep healthy and…

    Amanda Kowalski Mental Healthcare

    ​People have been spending a lot of time alone during the COVID-19 pandemic, with entire countries shutting down for months. Since then, exposure to the actual virus has sent millions back into quarantine for self- or government-imposed isolation. And the second wave may be underway, health authorities warn. For some people, being alone is a dream come true or not that much different than their normal routine. But for most, self-isolation has been a shocking new reality and, in some cases, has led to depression and suicide. Even before the pandemic hit, researchers knew that loneliness and social isolation were serious health threats.

  • 4 outdoor adventure companies that pivoted to mask manufacturing and how…

    Amanda Ghosh Recreation & Leisure

    The air is crisp, the foliage is spectacular, and the mountains are calling. Fall is the perfect season for an outdoor adventure. This year, in addition to wearing your favorite cycling jersey, headband, waders, or hiking pack, you'll add a face mask. Check out how these four outdoor adventure companies pivoted to mask making and see how they're doing now.

  • Podcast: How to cultivate physician referrals for your cash-based practice

    Jarod Carter Healthcare Administration

    In this episode, Jarod Carter shares some strategies for cultivating your network of referring physicians. He explains how to navigate the initial conversation, including discussing your billing arrangements, how to establish rapport, and things you can do to increase the chances that any referrals you receive will convert. You’ll also hear some clever follow-up techniques that create ongoing touchpoints that will help establish you as a valued resource to your referral sources.

  • Podcast: Escaping a broken system through cash-based functional medicine

    Jarod Carter Healthcare Administration

    After Dr. Morgan Camp finished his medical residency, he accepted a position in a successful, cash-based functional medicine clinic where he got to work alongside experts in the field. He found early success and soon decided to open his own concierge medical practice, which attracted a good number of high-profile clients in the Bay Area. In this interview, Dr. Camp explains how he got started and what he's learned, including what worked and what he’d do differently if starting over again.

  • How COVID-19 is changing the exercise industry

    Amanda Ghosh Sports & Fitness

    COVID-19 has accelerated the adoption of digital fitness solutions, pushing the exercise industry toward a hybrid model. People will still attend brick-and-mortar gyms when the pandemic is over, but digital fitness classes will have increased their foothold in the market. Of course, the adoption of these solutions is not surprising. Many experts believed that the future of fitness was headed this way anyway, with pioneering companies like Peloton, MIRROR, Mindbody, Tonal, and NordicTrack paving the way.

  • Podcast: Finding fulfillment and a fully booked schedule in a cash-based…

    Jarod Carter Healthcare Administration

    During PT school, Valerie Schwalbe discovered she had a passion for pelvic physical therapy. Right after graduation, she started a pelvic health program in an outpatient orthopedic clinic. Over time, she realized her dream of a standalone pelvic health clinic where patients could be completely comfortable wasn't really possible within the insurance-based business model. Two years ago, she finally opened her own private-pay pelvic health practice. Despite all the craziness of 2020, Schwalbe's practice continues to grow.

  • Dig this: Get in the garden for a long, healthy life

    Bob Kowalski Recreation & Leisure

    Getting to work in the garden can bring homegrown nutrition, but it also can improve your physical fitness and maybe extend your life. In this era of work-from-home and Zoom meetings, a garden provides a hobby that will get you up and moving, and give you a place to take a break from the keyboard. Cornell researchers recently reported that 10 minutes in a natural setting can act as stress relief. The study focused on college students, but the results translate to all walks of life.

  • Fruit and veggie powders gain traction for consumers, companies

    Amanda Ghosh Food & Beverage

    A diet rich in fruits and vegetables is one of the best ways to stay out of the doctor's office. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) recommends that adults consume approximately five fruits and vegetables per day. In reality, the average adult eats about half the recommended amount. However, the tide is turning. Rising interest in optimal health is driving demand for convenient and nutritious ways to close the gap on 5-A-Day, and companies are taking note.