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  • Wide Open: A documentary film about how PCA opened a member’s eyes…

    Nathan Shriver

    There are so many beautiful short films out there from the Porsche racing professional's point of view — pieces from Jeff Zwart and the Drive Channel come to mind — but I couldn't find anything out there that told the story of the aspiring weekend track warrior. We decided to create a documentary film to really shine a light on what PCA "driver's education," or DE, is all about, from the perspective of the amateur, gentleman racer.

  • Why don’t more hunters use 9.3x62mm Mauser cartridges?

    John McAdams

    ​Today I want to discuss a lesser known, yet potent and versatile hunting cartridge: the 9.3x62mm Mauser. While relatively popular in southern Africa and in Europe, relatively few hunters in the United States utilize this outstanding cartridge.

  • Flugtag: Where aeronautics, insanity and inspiration meet

    Ryan Clark

    The fact that the first place winner of the Washington, D.C., Red Bull Flugtag involved a licensed pilot and a fan of aeronautic engineering may not be a coincidence. Sometimes the best man to fly a plane is a pilot; a very crazy pilot. On Sept. 21, 2013, team Harvest Bureau, coming out of New Holland, Pa., pulled off the win by going the distance against 28 other teams in the first ever national Flugtag. On one day, there were five different Flugtags in five different cities: Chicago, Dallas, Long Beach Calif., Miami and Washington, D.C.

  • Tow or toad — That is the question

    Laura Weaver

    I don't proclaim to be an expert about whether to use a tow bar or tow dolly when taking your extra vehicle along with you when you go RV-ing, but we have done it both ways, so I have personal experience. I also have an opinion on both of these types of towing; especially since we've "learned by our mistakes."

  • It takes 2 Porsches to tango

    Pablo Deferrari

    There was a point in my life when I wanted to chuck it all away and live a simple existence. I had lived on a 32 foot sailboat with the intent to circumnavigate the globe. I knew enough to hop freight trains to crisscross the country and see America through the back door. I though it Romantic but my wife didn't dig the risk of being an amputee travelling this way.

  • Irksome inns: Hotel hospitality lacking for tour groups

    Shebby Lee

    As I am out and about across the American landscape on tours, I have plenty of opportunities to observe the hospitality (or lack thereof) that various suppliers provide to the traveling public. Here are some of my observations specific to the needs of group travelers.

  • Disc golf etiquette: Dogs and music on the course

    Justin Weilacher

    One way we lift our sport's profile is to be responsible and respectful about our dogs and our music on the disc golf course. Bringing unleashed pets and blaring offensive music at the course is the wrong direction if we want to have a professional organization. More than any other sport, we play in public shared spaces. As representatives of disc golf, we have to respect every other golfer and park user when we are using these public spaces.

  • Traveler or camper — Which are you?

    Michael Charland

    Recently a friend who is also a full-time RVer made a statement that I found interesting regarding types of RVers. “I am a traveler, not a camper,” she said. She was making the statement in her frustration at not getting good Wi-Fi service at an RV park. This got me thinking about the statement and what it means to RVers and the services they expect.