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  • Healthy aging, for all ages: The impact of music on cognitive development

    Katherine Radin Mental Healthcare

    From child development through to old age, learn more about the neuroscience of how music can help the human brain develop and remain healthy.

  • The ultimate gift guide for health care workers

    Teresa Alvarado Medical & Allied Healthcare

    Health care workers deal with life and death situations almost daily. We've put together a list of the best gifts for the health care worker in your life.

  • The future of telemedicine: Is it here to stay?

    Rebecca Eberhardt Medical & Allied Healthcare

    Explore the transformative potential of telemedicine as healthcare embraces digital innovation for accessible, efficient patient care.

  • Combatting bullying: It’s time to fight back

    Sheila Kiley Education

    Bullying is an epidemic and its impact increases with each year. This year, it's time to make it stop. Discover how to fight back against bullying in your community with these steps.

  • 5 fresh ways to beat consumer decision fatigue in your social media and…

    Lisa Mulcahy Marketing

    As a business owner or marketer, you've probably thought that the causes of decision fatigue which could stop a consumer from paying attention to your brand messages online are completely out of your control, right? Think again. Decision fatigue has everything to do with the specifics of your customers' lives at any given moment, and nothing to do with the quality of your brand and product.

  • Link between health, school start times is eye-opening

    Bob Kowalski Education

    Studies have shown that students tend to perform better in school with more sleep. Because of at-home learning during the pandemic, the nation's children invariably caught extra sleep in the morning without having to catch the bus or needing to be ready for school so Mom or Dad could drop them off on the way to work. With so many facets of education changed in the recent past, start time deserves a look.

  • How to approach first-time in-person learning for early education students

    Ginger Abbot Education

    Returning to school after COVID-19 and virtual learning is a big step for educators, parents, and students. Teachers, as you prepare to head back to in-person instruction in the fall, you might be wondering how to approach first-time in-person learning for early education students. If you’re a kindergarten or first-grade teacher, this will be a challenge since most of your students likely have only been in school virtually and during the pandemic. There are a few ways to navigate this transition for early elementary students, though.

  • Balancing compassion and performance in a pandemic world

    Courtney Lynch Business Management, Services & Risk Management

    When I served in the Marines, we had a saying: Mission first, people always. Everything about leading Marines came down to achieving results in times of challenge, chaos, and uncertainty while taking care of your people. Now, as an executive coach, as I’ve helped my clients navigate pandemic times, often I’ve been guiding them in demonstrating service-based leadership. Leading with service is about acting selflessly on behalf of others to ensure their success. It’s about the simple actions you take to support others so they can thrive. The great news for leaders is that service can be demonstrated in the simplest ways.

  • What lessons did COVID-19 teach your healthcare organization? Use what…

    Lisa Mulcahy Healthcare Administration

    Every hospital administrator, physician and caregiver has been tested and changed by the COVID-19 pandemic. While the challenges your facility faced were no doubt huge and tremendously difficult, you and your teams can now take the lessons you learned while operating during COVID-19 to improve patient care to its highest degree — and you can innovate for the future through key steps that will ensure you’re prepared for anything. Use the following science-based advice for identifying and implementing the changes you need to offer your very best to your community.

  • Infographic: How to set work boundaries to avoid burnout

    Pia De Los Reyes Mental Healthcare

    With remote work being the new professional normal, it can be especially challenging to stay productive and separate job stress from our personal lives. When stress is high and maintained over a period of time, it can lead to burnout or a type of work-related stress that can have a myriad of negative effects on your health and productivity. Those experiencing burnout can suffer from fatigue and mental exhaustion, and it can also lower work performance and cause job dissatisfaction. Over time, burnout can increase your vulnerability to disease and even potentially cost you lost income because of unpaid sick leave or a missed promotion.