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  • How to automate SEO tasks for maximum efficiency

    Sunjay Randhawa Marketing

    As Google continues to optimize its site to be user-friendly, SEO adapts. Famously coy about giving exact SEO specifications, Google has made one thing clear: its algorithms are always going to be working toward making sure results are relevant and trustworthy. Maybe you’ve just been taken on as a company’s first SEO specialist and are feeling a bit overwhelmed at the sheer number of tasks. Maybe you’ve been trying to keep up with SEO best practices for a long time but find yourself with less and less time to focus on the bigger picture. Automation is growing, and luckily there are a multitude of ways you can automate some of your SEO.

  • B2B tactic boosts high-value service lines

    Jeff Barasch Healthcare Administration

    While healthcare organizations are busier than ever due to the pandemic, their bottom lines have suffered. But hospitals and healthcare systems can offset the fiscal hit by leveraging their top revenue-generating clinical services. High-value service lines, even in competitive markets such as metro New York, have been setting themselves apart with precisely targeted, multi-faceted B2B marketing that incorporates specialty publications. Elite cardiology and ortho service lines have used high-impact journal-style publications to target referring physicians with a great deal of success.

  • Financial choices that will benefit your business

    Rayanne Morriss Business Management, Services & Risk Management

    Making sound financial business decisions can be compared to drinking enough water, getting enough sleep, and having a healthy diet. If you don’t do those things, your health will fail. Similarly, if you don’t make sound financial decisions, your business cannot succeed. Half of small businesses fail within five years in part due to a lack of good financial decisions. The following are some financial choices that will benefit your business.

  • Podcast: Without this, you’re shooting your marketing arrows in the…

    Jarod Carter Marketing

    In order to be able to attract your ideal customer, you need to define exactly who that is. This may sound self-evident, but so few businesses actually do it; it’s something I have to repeat quite often. Creating an ideal patient "avatar" should be one of the foundations of an effective marketing plan for any practice. Further, in business, you’ll constantly need to make decisions that can have huge long-term impacts and are often not easy to make. One of the easiest ways to take the guesswork out of decisions, is to be able to ask, "will this help me to better attract and better serve my ideal patient?"

  • How the changes in Amazon’s affiliate program impact businesses

    Domingo Karsten Marketing

    Amazon’s affiliate program was first launched to the general public in 1996, making it among the first programs of its kind. Since then, the program has grown to become an important revenue channel for Amazon and millions of marketers, with affiliates promoting more than 350 million products yearly. As with all affiliate programs, the Amazon Associates program has gone through many changes through the years. In 2020, the company announced a set of updates that affected a lot of businesses. In this piece, I’ll discuss what these changes are and the best way to adapt.

  • Survey: Employee incentives don’t align with their preferences

    Terri Williams Business Management, Services & Risk Management

    It’s important for employers to show appreciation for their workers. However, a recent survey reveals that many organizations are missing the mark in terms of incentives and rewards. Blackhawk’s "Employee Appreciation Survey" reveals that 80% of employees believe that it is important for employers to celebrate workplace accomplishments, anniversaries, and achievements and 86% of employees want their employer to express appreciation for their personal contributions. "The biggest mistake employers are making today is in not offering rewards and incentives to their employees," says Betty Weinkle, director of partnerships at Blackhawk Network.

  • How to achieve customer service excellence with social listening

    Victorio Duran III Marketing

    Businesses are using social media as part of their marketing strategy more and more, helping build brand awareness and boost sales. Leveraging your social channels has become even more critical as it seems working from home is here to stay. Customers crave engagement and interaction. Since most of our shopping is now done online, you must create a customer experience (CX) that’s personalized and connects to users. Take it a step further and amp up engagement by incorporating social media customer support into your strategy with social listening.

  • What’s the BIG Idea? Episode 2: Steve Jurash on leading through crisis

    Hank Boyer Business Management, Services & Risk Management

    In this video, Hank Boyer visits with Steve Jurash, president of the 5,000-plus member Manufacturing Alliance of Philadelphia (MAP). MAP represents several hundred thousand manufacturing employees. In March 2020, Jurash led MAP through an incredibly challenging period of dealing with the COVID-19 crisis, an event that brought manufacturing everywhere to a sudden halt. With several hundred thousand employees' lives affected by his decision-making, Jurash faced one of his most challenging periods of leadership. He shares more than 20 best practices effective leaders use to navigate during periods of crisis.

  • How and where to invest in Africa: The next investment frontier

    Brian Wallace Business Management, Services & Risk Management

    The world is changing — innovation is everywhere around the globe, and it’s time to set our sights on a new land of opportunity — Africa. Chances are, you attribute tech unicorns to Silicon Valley, but consider that Africa is on the financial rise. In the year 2019 alone, the five fastest-growing economies in the world were in Africa (Ghana, South Sudan, Rwanda, Ethiopia, and Cote d'Ivoire) — and were expanding at a rate of more than double the worldwide average.

  • Want employee engagement? The key is companywide training

    Gina DeLapa Business Management, Services & Risk Management

    If companywide training feels like overkill, consider what happens when training is reserved only for the rank and file. I can give you a glimpse of what happens, based on my years as a university career counselor, and later getting hired by organizations to teach professionalism to their new-college hires. As a career counselor, I saw a steady parade of lackluster job postings, often with typos. When was the last time an employer advanced a candidate with a lackluster resume? Or a cover letter with even one typo? I am not saying employers should lower the bar — but the double standard here was on full display.