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  • Tweaking your tweets for repeat

    Emma Fitzpatrick

    In the realm of social media, we're still learning how to best measure our business success. The medium is still new, so the best way to see how we're doing hasn't been fully established yet. But we are learning.

  • Job search: Finding a world-class sales organization

    Teresa Hiatt

    It’s getting close to the start of 2014, the economy shows signs of life, and businesses are cautiously beginning to release the pent-up demand for products and services. This is great news for salespeople, as companies will now begin trying to attract and employ good sales teams, ending a long dry stretch of hiring freezes.

  • Crafting alluring and effective posts on social media

    Emma Fitzpatrick Marketing

    While Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and the like all fall under the umbrella of social media, using each platform requires an individualized set of tricks and tips. A new study recently found the most effective tips and guidelines for posting on different social media outlets. Implementing these tips will allow your business to see a higher number of likes, retweets, views and — most importantly — engagement.

  • Who do you think you are?

    Michael J. Berens

    Marketing specialists will tell you that, as an association, one of your most important assets is your brand. Broadly speaking, your brand is your reputation — i.e., how others perceive how well your organization follows through on the promises it makes in its advertising and communications. As one marketing expert put it, your brand is what people say about you when you are out of the room. Of course all companies, be they manufacturers or service providers, must carefully manage their brands.

  • Why your website needs to work across multiple devices

    Mayur Kisani

    The majority of today's users consume media on multiple screens — smartphones, tablets and TV. From checking email to surfing to tweeting about a TV show or finding out about a product, your customers are mobile and spend a considerable amount of time on these screens, away from the desktop computer.