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  • 5 surprising ways consumers really think

    Lisa Mulcahy Marketing

    Taking a deeper dive into the overall ways consumers think online can yield some pretty surprising insights — insights you can use to boost your bottom line, and give your customers what they truly seek. Use these science-driven tips to reboot your strategies as your company expands post-pandemic, and enjoy more success than ever:

  • 9 essential tips for managing customer data

    Gunjan Tripathi Business Management, Services & Risk Management

    Customer data is a major asset to any company. Therefore, it should be appropriately maintained. After all, what is the use of data if it is misplaced, outdated or not accurate? Inaccurate data can ruin a company's reputation, whereas precise customer data can help promote products in a customer-centric way, increasing sales, customer relations and customer retention. Here are nine tips to help you reach your profit goals by managing your data more effectively.

  • 5 common myths about social advertising

    Brian Meert Marketing

    Social media advertising doesn't have to be a costly expense. You can run most ads for just a few bucks, after all – and if you have your target audience pegged and choose the proper ad settings, those few bucks can get you pretty far. However, if you’re not handling social advertising correctly, any amount of money spent is money wasted.

  • How to design and run a customer loyalty program for small businesses

    Raúl Galera Marketing

    Customer loyalty programs are all about retaining buyers through special discounts that offer rewards for repeat purchases. But how do you go about designing and running an effective customer loyalty program? Creating an effective loyalty program shouldn't necessarily be a massive project. If done correctly and customized to your customer's experience, it'll reap major benefits and help you establish a long-lasting relationship.

  • 8 questions every aspiring business owner must ask

    Patrick Burke Business Management, Services & Risk Management

    Do you have what it takes to own a business? Your first answer might be that it depends on the market, but that's only part of the story. So is thinking it depends on your product. The bottom line is it depends on you. If you don’t focus on your own drive, abilities, and tolerance for stress and uncertainty, you’re missing a key part of the equation. And if you start a business without really finding out if you should, you’re making a grave mistake. Say you've got a great idea. You've got a niche service. You've done the research and there’s space for you to grow a company. Before you start looking for a storefront, look in the mirror — by asking these eight simple but vital questions of yourself.

  • Is your local landing page helping or hurting your business?

    Brian Wallace Marketing

    Your local landing page is one of the most common ways a local consumer will be introduced to your business — if your landing page has all the right elements to attract their attention. In 2019, 90% of consumers searched the internet to find local businesses, and this avenue of interaction has become even more important since the pandemic began. In order to successfully get noticed in a search and gain enough interest to attract actual customers, there are several things your landing page needs.

  • 5 ways you can drive more traffic to your business’ website

    Adam Steele Marketing

    When you run an online business, it’s important that you drive high-quality traffic to your website. This should consist of an audience who might already be interested in your services or who have a problem you know you can solve. This will make them much more likely to convert. In this article, I’ll give you five ways you can bring more traffic to your business’s website so you can make more sales.

  • 4 steps to empower yourself to accomplish your goals

    Rob and Steve Shallenberger Business Management, Services & Risk Management

    People who have a sense of direction and purpose feel empowered. Yet only 10% of people have written professional and personal goals. Imagine how great it would feel to take all your good intentions and make them a reality. In other words, to get laser-focused on the things that matter most — and have the motivation to actually do them! To set your own roles and goals, follow these four steps.

  • 7 ways to create quality culture in your organization

    Felix Zoot Billson Business Management, Services & Risk Management

    Is it possible to achieve a true quality culture in your organization? The simple answer is yes! To do this, however, you must first understand what quality culture is. Quality culture is a working behavior or collection of behaviors encompassing every employee within a company. It is a way of working where employees strive for the best at every level. Having a strong structure in place is essential for creating quality culture. Being flexible within that structure is equally important. Establishing your company’s best practices is the perfect place to start.

  • 8 tips to expertly communicate with difficult clients

    Jessica Day Business Management, Services & Risk Management

    Whether you work in small business e-commerce, as a freelance copywriter, or as a construction contractor, there’s some form of client relationship in every sector. As with any relationship that can come under a little pressure, sometimes client communications can also get a bit frosty. There are a few tips and tricks to make your client relationship sail smoothly from the get-go — and how to deal with it when there's a bump in the road. This article will take look at eight tips to ensure you have expert communications with even the most difficult of clients.