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  • The importance of having a great office chair

    Lark Gould Business Management, Services & Risk Management

    Last year, COVID-19 brought the world to its knees — or more appropriately, its backside. Hence, the chair. Choosing the right office chair can be a life or death matter, literally. While the meme "sitting is the new smoking” may be a phrase turned lightly in social gatherings, studies show a direct correlation between sitting and chronic disease and premature death. The cure? Short of surgery, there is much that can be done to prevent injury, promote wellness and live a long, happy and productive office life. And it all begins with… the chair.

  • Meeting your employees’ mental health concerns and needs

    Terri Williams Business Management, Services & Risk Management

    The year 2020 brought anxiety and depression to many workers. The CDC reported that three times as many adults said they felt anxiety and four times as many adults said they felt depressed in the summer of 2020 compared to the summer of 2019. According to a survey commissioned by Spring Health and conducted online by The Harris Poll, 49% of American workers sought mental healthcare in 2020; 38% of those who sought care say they were driven by a desire to manage emotions related to the coronavirus pandemic; and 43% said the mental health benefits in their employer-sponsored health plan did not meet their mental healthcare needs.

  • Podcast: The key traits of a successful cash-practice entrepreneur

    Jarod Carter Healthcare Administration

    Jarod Carter is often asked, "What is the key to success as an entrepreneur?" Based on what he’s observed in his own businesses as well as the many other practice owners he’s coached in his Mastermind group, the main factor governing your results is always the perspective you apply as you begin. By mastering the right mindset, you can create a fulfilling opportunity to serve your patients instead of turning yourself into a stressed-out workaholic.

  • 5 less explored marketing channels that can bring a lot of value

    Petra Odak Marketing

    Marketers have multiple options to promote their products and services. You have almost certainly heard of email marketing and social media marketing. Marketers use these methods because they work. And when the marketing is effective, the money comes in. But what about the other avenues you might be ignoring? In this article, let’s look at five less-explored marketing channels that can still bring a lot of value to your business.

  • Podcast: How to market your practice online like a pro

    Jarod Carter Marketing

    Are you confused or clueless when it comes to Facebook Ads and how to create ad campaigns in-house that actually generate patients for your practice? This episode is for you. For the past eight years, Jordan Mather and his partner have made a business of helping physical therapy practices successfully manage their online marketing. But in light of the mounting financial pressure on those practices during the pandemic, they decided to pivot and teach their clients how to handle their online marketing in-house. In this podcast, you’ll hear some powerful strategies and easy-to-implement tactics for getting big returns on your Facebook Ads and other digital marketing efforts.

  • 10 ways to make a positive first impression at a new job

    Hank Boyer Business Management, Services & Risk Management

    First impressions are lasting impressions. Every new employee is under intense scrutiny as hiring managers and HR attempt to evaluate each new hire’s potential. Impressing in a series of interviews and during the selection process was only the preliminaries. Every new employee starts out at exactly the same place in the job, since there is no performance track record to view, no known bad habits, and an equal opportunity to excel. Here are 10 ways to stand out and make a great first impression during your onboarding period.

  • 5 ways CIOs can deliver business-critical results during the pandemic and…

    Sean Ryan Business Management, Services & Risk Management

    In January 2020, you were likely paddling through the rapids of "old normal" business-critical issues, including providing systems that help business leaders deliver outstanding results, creating competitive advantage by improving the customer journey and overall experience, and nimbly adapting to constantly changing technology. Then, bam! COVID appeared around the next bend in the river and the world rapidly became far more difficult and treacherous. You’re now paddling in cataclysmic rapids amidst a world of perpetual whitewater. As CIO, to paddle your way to survival, or even to thrive, you will need to focus on these five key areas.

  • Podcast: Plugging profit leaks throughout the patient lifecycle

    Jarod Carter Healthcare Administration

    In this episode, Jarod Carter explains how you can find opportunities for your practice throughout the patient lifecycle. This topic is critical because helping your existing patients fully heal their injuries and reach their goals is one of the easiest ways to improve your practice revenues. You’ll hear specific tips for how to find and plug profit leaks that are costing your business money, including strategies for minimizing drop-offs from the schedule.

  • Remote work and introverts: Consider the challenges

    Jennifer B. Kahnweiler Business Management, Services & Risk Management

    Remote work has moved from an experiment to the norm for millions of office workers around the world. Late last year, our company conducted a survey to discover how introverts were responding to working from home full time. We had almost 200 responses. Do they thrive in quiet and solitude or are they also feeling disconnected and lonely? Though over 85% of respondents were very satisfied or satisfied with the arrangement, many strong opinions surfaced about the challenges they face when working from home.

  • The delicate balance of supply and demand for COVID-19 vaccines

    Bambi Majumdar Medical & Allied Healthcare

    President Joe Biden rolled out strategies to combat and control the coronavirus pandemic on his first day in the Oval Office. A national vaccination campaign aims to administer 100 million shots to cover 50 million Americans in his first 100 days in office. Led by Dr. Anthony Fauci and other medical experts, pandemic control actions will ramp up, such as travel restrictions, mandatory mask rules, increased testing, and more personal protective equipment. Along with orders to boost supplies for vaccination, the team will also focus on developing therapeutics to treat COVID-19.