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  • Genetic damage and other sucralose dangers

    Teresa Alvarado Food & Beverage

    Sucralose may seem like a safe way to artificially sweeten many foods, but the rising focus on its dangers may make you rethink your relationship with it.

  • What if labor shortage is a long-term threat to the hospitality and tourism…

    Linchi Kwok Travel, Hospitality & Event Management

    The U.S. economy finally shows signs of a strong recovery from the pandemic. Nevertheless, the surging delta variant cases, inflation, and the global supply chain disruption, among other concerns, add considerable uncertainty to the economic outlook. However, the hospitality and tourism industry is unlikely to recover any time soon.

  • 6 unsung American wine regions

    Dave G. Houser Travel, Hospitality & Event Management

    The entire world knows about the Napa and Sonoma Valleys — the nation's premier wine growing regions — swarmed by millions of oenophiles annually. That's why we are not taking you there in this report, suggesting instead some lesser-known wine regions in places you might not expect to find them.

  • Restaurants are re-prioritizing the takeout experience for a post-pandemic…

    Katherine Radin Food & Beverage

    Consumer behavior has shifted greatly since March 2020, and restaurants have responded. While "the restaurant of the future" was often discussed, the coronavirus pandemic forced restaurateurs to truly adopt those futuristic practices. With a focus on improving the customer experience, bolstering loyalty programs, and revitalizing the drive-thru experience, quick-service restaurants are setting themselves up for success now, and in the post-COVID world.

  • Iodine: The forgotten ‘cure-all’ mineral

    Rebecca Eberhardt Medical & Allied Healthcare

    Most of us are unaware of how iodine functions in our body and how a serious lack of it causes ailing symptoms that mimic other health issues. The result: overmedication and insufficient treatment of the root issue. Fortunately, many integrative medical practitioners and other holistic-thinking individuals are bringing iodine back as a key part of daily nutrient intake.

  • Reopening roadblocks: How your equipment can bridge the gap

    Rachel Herren Food & Beverage

    For leaders in the food industry, it seems, the steady return to normalcy is simply a transition to a new state of uncertainty. As you prepare for widespread reopening, you're likely wondering how to tackle these new challenges while staying focused on recovering revenue and keeping up with demand. A big part of the answer lies in what you're keeping behind the counter.

  • 8 questions every aspiring business owner must ask

    Patrick Burke Business Management, Services & Risk Management

    Do you have what it takes to own a business? Your first answer might be that it depends on the market, but that's only part of the story. So is thinking it depends on your product. The bottom line is it depends on you. If you don’t focus on your own drive, abilities, and tolerance for stress and uncertainty, you’re missing a key part of the equation. And if you start a business without really finding out if you should, you’re making a grave mistake. Say you've got a great idea. You've got a niche service. You've done the research and there’s space for you to grow a company. Before you start looking for a storefront, look in the mirror — by asking these eight simple but vital questions of yourself.

  • Balancing compassion and performance in a pandemic world

    Courtney Lynch Business Management, Services & Risk Management

    When I served in the Marines, we had a saying: Mission first, people always. Everything about leading Marines came down to achieving results in times of challenge, chaos, and uncertainty while taking care of your people. Now, as an executive coach, as I’ve helped my clients navigate pandemic times, often I’ve been guiding them in demonstrating service-based leadership. Leading with service is about acting selflessly on behalf of others to ensure their success. It’s about the simple actions you take to support others so they can thrive. The great news for leaders is that service can be demonstrated in the simplest ways.

  • Pandemic-created challenges become corporate responsibility opportunities

    Peggy Smedley Distribution & Warehousing

    Uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has plagued businesses around the globe — particularly those in the supply chain community — accentuating weaknesses never seen before. However, if considered from a different perspective, it has given rise to opportunities for these same companies to shine like beacons in the night. When the pandemic first hit, supply chains were disrupted — so much so that an everyday consumer quickly understood what the supply chain was and how it might impact being able to access goods in a timely manner.

  • Infographic: How to set work boundaries to avoid burnout

    Pia De Los Reyes Mental Healthcare

    With remote work being the new professional normal, it can be especially challenging to stay productive and separate job stress from our personal lives. When stress is high and maintained over a period of time, it can lead to burnout or a type of work-related stress that can have a myriad of negative effects on your health and productivity. Those experiencing burnout can suffer from fatigue and mental exhaustion, and it can also lower work performance and cause job dissatisfaction. Over time, burnout can increase your vulnerability to disease and even potentially cost you lost income because of unpaid sick leave or a missed promotion.