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  • Infographic: How to become an entrepreneur

    Brian Wallace Interior Design, Furnishings & Fixtures

    If you go back a few generations in time, entrepreneurs were not all about the glitz and glamor of today. It was actually a looked down upon profession. So, what’s changed in the world? Entrepreneurship only works properly with a contract with society to succeed.

  • 3 essential KPIs to align creative output with performance

    Elea Andrea Almazora Interior Design, Furnishings & Fixtures

    Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are measures used to gauge the success of a business, a campaign, a project, an employee, or processes of production. For example, if you send a fax online with an invoice, an accounting department can use this as part of their KPIs to see the time it takes to receive payment of that invoice. For creative teams, projects, or inputs, measuring performance can be difficult. Businesses with creative departments constantly question the value of those departments. Yet, even though creativity is not easy to define and is hard to measure, it is possible to assess its value using the following three indicators, among others.

  • ‘Please give me my space:’ A school counselor’s perspective

    Sweety Patel Interior Design, Furnishings & Fixtures

    I want you to think back to when you were a student and you walked into your school counselor’s office. What do you remember about his/her office? Do you remember the walls, the furniture, the seating arrangement, the atmosphere? Was there something really unique about the counselor’s space that moved you somehow? Oftentimes when we are learning how to be school counselors, we are very focused on the interaction between the student and us. We do not always think about the surroundings, and a lot of times we feel there is not much time to, either.

  • 10 ways to make a positive first impression at a new job

    Hank Boyer Interior Design, Furnishings & Fixtures

    First impressions are lasting impressions. Every new employee is under intense scrutiny as hiring managers and HR attempt to evaluate each new hire’s potential. Impressing in a series of interviews and during the selection process was only the preliminaries. Every new employee starts out at exactly the same place in the job, since there is no performance track record to view, no known bad habits, and an equal opportunity to excel. Here are 10 ways to stand out and make a great first impression during your onboarding period.

  • 5 services you should use for your interior design business

    Rayanne Morriss Interior Design, Furnishings & Fixtures

    Interior design makes homes more comfortable, attractive, and luxurious than in previous ages. The field is heavily driven by creativity and innovation, resulting in functional designs and beautiful spaces. With the interior design industry booming to greater heights, you might need a helping hand to help you deliver articulate projects. The following are some services you should use for your interior design business.

  • Good news in your job search: Harry, Larry, and the bear

    Hank Boyer Interior Design, Furnishings & Fixtures

    What is North America’s No. 1 domestic issue of most concern to the average person? Politics? Coronavirus? Who will win Super Bowl LV? Nope! The thing that concerns most people is still jobs. Whether you are 18 or 80, you’ve likely never seen it more difficult to find a great job in your field of interest in your lifetime. Lockdowns in various regions of the country, overseas competition, and rapidly changing methods employers use to fill jobs have all made it difficult for good people to find good jobs.

  • Real estate goes virtual with contactless viewings, signings, and property…

    Terri Williams Interior Design, Furnishings & Fixtures

    Purchasing a home or renting an apartment can be a cumbersome process, exacerbated — and made less safe — by COVID-19. In-person showings and signings are difficult, if not impossible, to manage while maintaining social distancing guidelines. Syncing various schedules can also be a headache, especially for buyers and tenants with kids and inflexible jobs. And what about those last-minute questions that tend to pop up at 2 a.m.? However, some real estate and property management companies are making the homebuying, rental, and property management process a lot easier — and reducing the probability of contracting COVID-19 — through the use of a variety of virtual solutions.

  • Design for mental wellness

    Michael J. Berens Interior Design, Furnishings & Fixtures

    Decades of case studies and research studies have demonstrated ways that interior design can improve mental healthcare environments. Design interventions such as altering space layouts, improving lighting and daylighting, modifying colors, and introducing natural elements have been found to reduce anxiety and aggression in some mental health patients, leading to more constructive therapies, less violence and less need for medications to control behavior, among other benefits. A natural next step is to employ similar interventions to support and improve mental wellness in order to prevent the onset of mental distress or illness.

  • Keep your distance, but maintain personal relationships

    Lloyd Princeton Interior Design, Furnishings & Fixtures

    Just when it looked like remote working had hit its peak, employers are again facing the possibility of workplace closures as cases of the coronavirus surge throughout the country. Many businesses, though, including interior design, depend on teamwork and close personal interaction with customers for their success. While health and safety have to be a priority, they also need to have a strategy and protocols for meeting in person.

  • Survey: Firms fight to operate during COVID-19

    Seth Sandronsky Interior Design, Furnishings & Fixtures

    The breadth and depth of the pandemic’s effects on private businesses has surfaced in new government data collected from July 20 through Sept. 30, 2020. In these numbers, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics conveys how businesses big and small operated. Spoiler alert: the BLS data on employment, wages, job openings and terminations, employer-provided benefits, and safety and health paints a tough picture of firms fighting to stay afloat. Nationally, 52% of surveyed businesses, or 4.4 million, told their workers to avoid work (paid or not) for some time.

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