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  • Adopting a multidimensional individualized approach to plantar fasciitis…

    Heidi Dawson

    Plantar fasciitis is thought to affect around 10 percent of people at some point in their lifetime.

  • Making a positive impression with your exhibit

    Karin Roberts Travel, Hospitality & Event Management

    For companies not accustomed to advertising or trade show exhibiting, turning a basic marketing message into an ad or a trade show display that can draw attention can be a challenge. It may be tempting to just do it yourself rather than pay for professional writing and design, but making the right impression is worth the extra investment. You can only stand out from the crowd when your exhibit, ads and other promotional materials work together to reach the right audience with the right message and brand image.

  • Members: Your most important resource

    Michael J. Berens

    If you're in the association business, you don't have to think twice about what is your most important asset. It's your members. And how about your most important resource? Would that be your database? Your website? Your staff? Your volunteers? They are all valuable and vital to the success of your association. As it turns out, your most important resource is, yes, your members. So why aren't associations doing more to capitalize on this resource?

  • Don’t demonize the machine

    Mark Huber

    In late August, another Eurocopter Super Puma crashed into the North Sea near the United Kingdom. Four of those aboard died. Over the last several years, a handful of ditchings/crashes of this model have been tied to flaws in the design of its main rotor gearbox lubrication system and a batch of replacement main rotor shafts.

  • 5 reasons every employer needs an employee handbook

    D. Albert Brannen Business Management, Services & Risk Management

    The days of believing that a handbook can cause more harm than good are long gone. In today's business environment, a handbook serves both as a sword to carve out your legal rights, as well as a shield to protect them.

  • Crafting alluring and effective posts on social media

    Emma Fitzpatrick Marketing

    While Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and the like all fall under the umbrella of social media, using each platform requires an individualized set of tricks and tips. A new study recently found the most effective tips and guidelines for posting on different social media outlets. Implementing these tips will allow your business to see a higher number of likes, retweets, views and — most importantly — engagement.

  • Why your helicopter seat feels like a brick

    Mark Huber

    NASA is planning to drop-test a surplus Marine Corps CH-46 helicopter on Aug. 28 with the goal of gleaning new data on rotorcraft crashworthiness and seat belt design. The hulk will be rigged with 40 cameras, numerous sensors and 13 crash dummies. The test is part of NASA's Rotary Wing Project.

  • RIP Nabucco: What the Southern Corridor gas route decision means for the…

    Lucy Wallwork

    Nabucco is dead. Long live TAP. The Nabucco pipeline, a highly political piece of gas transportation infrastructure, was designed to carry natural gas from Azerbaijani gas fields and neighboring suppliers to gas-hungry European customers. That was the logistical agenda, at least.

  • Who do you think you are?

    Michael J. Berens

    Marketing specialists will tell you that, as an association, one of your most important assets is your brand. Broadly speaking, your brand is your reputation — i.e., how others perceive how well your organization follows through on the promises it makes in its advertising and communications. As one marketing expert put it, your brand is what people say about you when you are out of the room. Of course all companies, be they manufacturers or service providers, must carefully manage their brands.

  • Serving the public: Medevac services through Maryland State Police

    Mark Huber

    For the better part of a decade, my daily commute included a stretch on the 64-mile ring of paved terror around Washington, D.C., called the Capital Beltway. For those who are unfamiliar, this is a demolition derby track masquerading as a freeway. It yields a prodigious and nearly daily dose of automotive carnage. Not surprisingly, at least once a year I would be stuck in traffic at a dead stop behind a Maryland State Police (MSP) helicopter summoned to collect an unfortunate victim of this curious car culture.