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  • How much are you leaving on the table? Improving your business’s…

    David B. Mandell, JD, MBA, and Carole Foos, CPA

    There is truly no better time than now over the last 30 years to focus on post-tax efficiency. As you likely know, when President Obama signed the Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 in early January 2013, taxes increased on high-income taxpayers like many business owners and executives – in some cases, dramatically.

  • Working memory in English language development

    Beth Crumpler

    Working memory is crucial to learning. It is the human mind’s processing of information to complete tasks. Working memory plays into deciding which information to remember and which information is not important. When people have problems with their working memory, they struggle with retaining information in the short term that is vital to learning in the long term.

  • Using Quora for business

    Mayur Kisani

    ​If you are an entrepreneur or small business owner, you should know about Quora. Founded by two former Facebook employees, Adam D'Angelo and Charlie Cheever, this easy-to-navigate Q&A site has been growing considerably and generating a lot of buzz.

  • 3 marketing lessons from Jesus

    Mark MacDonald

    ​I get pushback regularly from church leaders when it comes to marketing. And I understand why. Often marketing feels like "compromising our message" or "manipulating an audience" for monetary profit. And each of these is absolutely wrong for the church. We deserve better.

  • Business owners and facility managers go green to save green

    Joy Burgess

    ​Many business owners and facility managers equate going green with spending more money. Implementing certain green technologies that reduce water use, improve energy efficiency and increase sustainability requires an initial investment, but many facility managers and business owners have found that going green actually saves money over time.

  • Apps that could help with ER wait times

    Becky Bicks

    There’s a new development in the mobile world that could end up helping with that ever-present problem of the interminable emergency room wait time. Hospitals and developers across the country have started releasing emergency room wait time apps, which broadcast the average time a patient will have to wait in a specific hospital’s emergency room or in the emergency rooms of hospitals in a specific area.

  • Self-care for the caregiver

    Karen Childress

    ​Your middle-aged patient is slightly overweight with blood pressure and lipid levels that are both borderline and a lifestyle that’s contributing to all three concerns. He works long hours in a stressful job, doesn't exercise enough, and rarely gets what most people would consider a full night’s sleep.

  • Why there’s no such thing as a bad attitude

    Harry J. Friedman

    ​“He's got a bad attitude.” “She's not a team player.” “He's not a very pleasant person to work with.” Does this sound familiar? It probably does. Every manager has had an employee who just wasn't part of the team. You advise the em­ployee that they have a bad attitude or need to be better at teamwork.So why doesn’t that kind of advice solve the problem?

  • Music boosts creativity, productivity in the workplace

    Jessica Taylor

    ​Have you ever had a song stuck in your head while you’re at your place of employment? You’re singing to yourself silently while working on your daily tasks, but want to actually listen to the song so you can stop replaying it in your head. Well, you’re in luck. Studies have shown that the power of music can actually benefit your workplace by boosting productivity.

  • Disc golf etiquette: Dogs and music on the course

    Justin Weilacher

    One way we lift our sport's profile is to be responsible and respectful about our dogs and our music on the disc golf course. Bringing unleashed pets and blaring offensive music at the course is the wrong direction if we want to have a professional organization. More than any other sport, we play in public shared spaces. As representatives of disc golf, we have to respect every other golfer and park user when we are using these public spaces.