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  • A gap in our field: Leadership in language education

    Andy Curtis

    ​Books in our field on leadership and management are relatively rare, compared with books on methodology in TESOL, and compared with books on leadership and management in other fields, such as health care.

  • Do you realize how much administrative work impacts ministry?

    Deborah Ike

    ​When we think of ministry, we envision worship, a powerful sermon or prayer at the altar. Those are the central focus of Sunday mornings and rightfully so. However, the careful planning and watchful eyes of church administrators help make those ministry moments possible.

  • Should you sign that lien waiver?

    Scott Wolfe Jr.

    Lien waivers are a popular and confusing topic in the construction industry. Unfortunately, these instruments are encountered nearly every day. Where the promise of payment is concerned, discipline is necessary as lien waiver mistakes come with consequences. This article will serve as a helpful guide through the most common of these mistakes.

  • Airport retail: Options, styles expanding rapidly

    Bambi Majumdar

    The latest airport retail trends show two distinct expansion characteristics — lateral and vertical. The former is natural, but it is the advent and addition of the latter that gives more depth to the trend and has made a complete 180-degree change in the airport retail scene.

  • Four Seasons shows businesses how to use Pinterest

    Suzanne Mason

    ​According to a June 2013 study by Semiocast, there are approximately 70 million users on the visual word of mouth social media site Pinterest. The French social media firm also found that only 500,000 businesses are currently on the site. Although the numbers of businesses are fairly small, the travel industry has picked up on using Pinterest as a marketing tool.

  • How to operate a successful urgent care center

    Dorothy L. Tengler

    In a growing trend, consumers are increasingly turning to walk-in clinics and urgent care centers for treatment of minor ailments and injuries instead of trying to squeeze in an appointment with a primary care provider or waiting at a crowded emergency room. Although urgent care centers are a win-win situation for owners and their communities, they are not immune from the business start-up statistics — 50 percent of small businesses fail in the first five years because of management mistakes.

  • Brainstorming: How to help maintain progress and achieve

    Colleen Butler

    Colleen Butler, author of "Concussion Recovery: Rebuilding the Injured Brain," is offering practical advice to help with the recovery from brain injury. In the third edition of Brainstorming, readers have asked about "how to help maintain progress after slipping a bit" and "to explain brain fatigue and the importance of sleep and nutrition."

  • Finding the right partner to solve the lyophilization challenge

    Peter Soelkner

    About 30 percent of all parenteral drugs approved by the FDA in the past few years involved freeze-dried substances. Experts are predicting a possible rise to even 50 per cent in the future. It's definitely a challenge for R&D as well as commercial filling. Therefore many pharmaceutical and biotech companies rely on outsourcing partners. But how to find the right partner for the challenge?

  • Flugtag: Where aeronautics, insanity and inspiration meet

    Ryan Clark

    The fact that the first place winner of the Washington, D.C., Red Bull Flugtag involved a licensed pilot and a fan of aeronautic engineering may not be a coincidence. Sometimes the best man to fly a plane is a pilot; a very crazy pilot. On Sept. 21, 2013, team Harvest Bureau, coming out of New Holland, Pa., pulled off the win by going the distance against 28 other teams in the first ever national Flugtag. On one day, there were five different Flugtags in five different cities: Chicago, Dallas, Long Beach Calif., Miami and Washington, D.C.

  • Tow or toad — That is the question

    Laura Weaver

    I don't proclaim to be an expert about whether to use a tow bar or tow dolly when taking your extra vehicle along with you when you go RV-ing, but we have done it both ways, so I have personal experience. I also have an opinion on both of these types of towing; especially since we've "learned by our mistakes."