Let's face it — when companies and management talk about everyone needing to return to the office, it makes you wonder: Is this really necessary? Many who are in favor of people needing to be in a physical office together argue that we'll be losing out on chance hallway encounters and watercooler conversations. To counter this argument, remote work enthusiasts say there isn't actual evidence that these artificial situations will automatically lead to positive results.

No matter which side you are on, chances are that we won't be out of the woods of the global pandemic soon, so flexibility of management and mindset will be key going forward.

That said, many have conceded that a hybrid workforce — sometimes in an office and sometimes remote — may be the most effective way to keep a company humming along at optimum capacity and resources. Learn more about how and why the hybrid workplace is the workforce of the future in the visual deep dive below.

Are Hybrid Workplaces The Future? - TrackTime24.com
Infographic courtesy of: TrackTime24.com