This article originally appeared on Dry Fire Training Cards.

There’s a lot of talk on what the best “combat” shooting stance is.

In my mind, that’s the wrong question.

If the situation gives you time to get a perfect stance, then take advantage of it. It’ll probably make you more accurate.

But what if you don’t have time to get a perfect stance … and all your training has been done with a perfect stance?

That’s bad.

If that’s the case, you’re going to have to figure out odd-angle shooting on the fly when success could make a difference on who lives and who dies.

So, how big of a difference does it make when you square up to the target vs shoot at odd angles? Take a look at the video above.

Most training doesn’t take this into account…not in classes, and not when individual shooters are practicing. But your training should.

Because when that day comes when your skills are tested, you’re not going to have time to think your way through the problem. Your reactions are going to need to be smooth, fast, and accurate.

So, next time you’re able to…try this with dry fire and a par timer. See how big of a difference there is with being squared up, turning to square up, and engaging at an off angle without moving your feet.