The travel industry is taking flight – and for good reason. After being on lockdown and going nowhere except from room to room in our own homes, travelers are inspired to see the world once again. According to Luxury Travel Advisor, almost all affluent U.S. travelers are planning an overnight trip of at least 75 miles away within the next 12 months, and 41% are planning to travel internationally. Here are five trends driving today’s travel industry.

1. Digital Nomadism

With the COVID-19 pandemic came a rapid rise in remote work. The growing trend known as the “digital nomad” allows workers to live a nomadic lifestyle, wandering between locations, using technology and communication tools to stay connected digitally and work remotely. Some digital nomads stay put for weeks or months, exploring their new city or country, while others travel more frequently. Hostels, such as Selina, tap into this new wave of work, with places to stay, travel and work in 23 different countries. Accommodations that include coworking spaces can redefine work habits and provide a new level of creative, productive energy.

2. Experience-based Tourism

Ralph Waldo Emerson says, “It’s not the destination; it’s the journey.” Travelers are eager to emotionally connect with a place, the people and the culture. Experiences – as fleeting as they may be – deliver more-lasting happiness than things, according to Forbes. They are what make up our identity. The chance to make epic memories far outweigh the tangible possessions. Take it from Envision, a music festival in Costa Rica that offers surf lessons, sky diving, sustainable garden tours and much more. Today’s globetrotters are curious and brave, seeking sensations that they will cherish forever.

3. Wellness

Relax, unplug, unwind – repeat. Travel to Wellness suggests there are two types of travelers: those actively seeking destinations, accommodations and experiences that maintain a routine of fitness, healthy eating and other pursuits associated with wellness living; and those wanting to use travel as a break from the regular routine of daily life for the proactive betterment of their health and well-being. Wellness travel is not limited to resorts and spas (although, who doesn’t love being pampered?). A helicopter tour, yoga class or guided trek are just some examples of activities that provide travelers the opportunity to broaden their horizons, overcome fears and, ultimately, expand their personal growth.

4. Foodie Culture

There’s no better way to immerse oneself into a new culture than diving into the local cuisine. Based on a survey conducted by American Express, 81% of respondents agree that trying local foods and cuisines is what they look forward to most while traveling. More and more travelers’ itineraries include gastronomic experiences that they cannot get at home. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Italy? Probably pasta. Highly accredited restaurants, local favorites and cooking classes are top of mind for many foodies on the go. Desirable destinations can also be delicious.

5. Unique Stays

Move over, hotels! Quirky, rare and memorable stays are rising in popularity for those interested in an extraordinary travel experience. From treehouses to caves, igloos and castles, a unique stay could transform your entire trip. Unusual spaces offer a sense of personal touch by the host, giving guests a fun and local experience. Unique stays around the world inspire travelers to ditch the norm of hotels and dive deep into exceptional accommodation that they would not get to experience otherwise.

Times have changed, and 2023 is the year of wanderlust. Travelers are seeking unforgettable adventures that transform their work-life and mental health, getting back out there to explore after a world-wide hiatus. In today’s world, trends are continuously evolving – almost by the minute – and the travel industry is no exception. Adapting to these trends and keeping an open mind on your next adventure could leave a lasting impression on your travels to come. What will you prioritize on your next vacation?