'Tis the season! They don't call it ThanksGIVING for nothing, and with the winter holidays right around the corner as well, you might be thinking about all the people you want to buy gifts for – including the people you work with. Since you most likely spend a lot of time with your coworkers, it's a good idea to give them a little something to express your gratitude for all their hard work. Purchasing gifts for your coworkers and employees may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be with our ultimate office holiday gift guide.

With the holidays around the corner, there's no better time than now to start brainstorming ways to close out the year on a strong note by showing your colleagues that you care. Check out these budget-friendly gifts ideas for employees.

French press

A French press with coffee on a dark countertop.

Because we all cherish our morning coffee, right? For those coffee aficionados out there, a French press is a timeless gift that brews a fantastic coffee at home or in the break room. Unlike larger coffee makers, French presses won't take up valuable counter space due to their relatively small size. There are as low as $26, your work bestie could up their morning routine and soak in coffee's rich flavor on a chilly day.

Mini portable diffuser

A mini essential oil diffuser glows in a minimalist room with blue walls and a shelf with vases.

Especially for remote employees, sending soothing aromatherapy throughout their space is a wonderful way to set the vibe of the office. Essential oil will be released in 10-minute bursts by this stylish little diffuser that fits on top of a desk. Since it's small and rechargeable, they can take it with them wherever they go to create the ideal mood for the day. For only $28, it's a small investment into enhancing your employee's atmosphere.

Custom leather cable organizer

Leather cable organizers of different colors lay on a white table, one of them hold a laptop charger's cord in place.

Is your office neighbor's cord control stressing you out? With these leather cable ties, which come in a range of colors and customization possibilities, you can assist them in preventing cord clutter. If you want to give the ties to several people in the office, you can even buy them as a set. Consider supporting a small business by purchasing this handy yet stylish tool on Etsy for $14.

Wine decanter

As viewed from above, a person pours red wine into a decanter. Two glasses are filled beside it.

There's nothing better than sipping on a lovely glass of wine after a demanding work week (or a Tuesday). This unique glassware helps to avoid wine sediment and allows you to pour with a steady hold. With a simple swirl and a funky design that aerates any bottle of wine, your boss can enjoy a charming happy hour at home. Check out this carafe for under $30!

Himalayan salt lamp

A Himalayan salt lamp glows orange.

We're nearing the time of shorter days and darker mornings. This Himalayan salt lamp is only $25 and offers a warm, amber glow that serves as a perfect gift for that colleague who always beats you to the office. Salt lamps also have a variety of health benefits, such as improved air quality, reduced allergy symptoms and relief from respiratory issues.

Marble roll pin and base

A marble rolling pin lays on a white table.

For the coworker who loves to bring in baked goods and delicious treats, this marble roll pin takes the cake for a beautiful yet functional piece of kitchenware. Since it's made from solid marble, dough keeps cool and food odors don't linger. For just $18, you might inspire the next batch of scones for the holiday potluck.

Personalized luggage tags

Viewed from the top, a black suitcase with a black tag. On the tag, written in gold, is the name

Is your business partner sometimes also your travel buddy? Check out these personalized luggage tags for only $9. Whether they're booking flights for business or personal travel, aesthetic luggage tags look chic and add a professional touch to any business venture.

Yoga mat

Two rolled up yoga mats rest side by side, one is orange and the other purple.

We all know a yogi, and your colleague might be one of them. While many recommendations for mats depend on personal preference, there are also affordable mats perfect for any yoga studio, home practice or lunch-break flow. Consider a deluxe yoga mat for a peaceful $19.

Scratch off map

A hand scratches off the brown coating of Spain on a world map.

Have you bonded with your employees through talks of travel? Whether you both have explored the U.S., help them keep track of their memories with a scratch off map. These are a fun way to check off bucket list items and plan for more adventures. There are plenty of options for under $30.


A person lounges in a hammock tied to two trees and looks out at a lake and mountains.

For those employees who decompress at a park or spend the weekend in the woods, a portable hammock is perfect for those who like to relax outdoors. For as low as $30, hammocks are lightweight, convenient and allow for a chill rest outside of the daily office chair.

Get the Perfect Office Holiday Gift on a Budget

Shopping for the perfect gift can be stressful enough, especially for a coworker. The list above should help you with that or, at the very least, provide a ton of inspiration. Get ready to blow them away with an exceptional gift and enjoy the Holidays!