Health care workers deal with high levels of stress while caring for their patients. From providing many aspects of medical care to dealing with difficult patients, they deserve all the gratitude possible.

With the holidays coming up, there is no better way to express our appreciation than by picking out a thoughtful gift with their interest and needs in mind, whether that be the chance to relax, treat themselves to something nice or a gadget that could facilitate their personal and work lives. Here is a guide to help kickstart your gift shopping list for those superhumans in your life, and maybe even something for yourself!

1. Spa Day

A small candle burns while surrounded by beige towels, essential oils, bamboo and smooth black rocks.

It is no secret that jobs in the health care industry come with a lot of stress. Gift them the opportunity to melt some of that away and indulge in a day full of relaxation and time for themselves and healing. Many spas offer day passes with a wide range of services. A chance to spend a day getting taken care of for a change would make an excellent gift.

2. Yoga Studio Membership

5 people practicing yoga in a studio.

There is no such thing as "too much" relaxation. A membership at a yoga studio could provide a much-needed reset to their mind and bodies. Health care workers are constantly on the move while on the clock and might experience physical and mental exhaustion after several back-to-back 12+ hour shifts, especially if they work nights.

3. Massage Gun

A black massager with three attachments laid beside it.

Constantly being on your feet and moving from patient to patient throughout the entirety of their workday can cause a lot of strain to their body and muscles. A massage gun can help get into those deep and hard to reach knots and ease some of the tenseness and soreness.

4. Hand Lotion

A woman's hand holds up a white bottle of lotion with no distinguishable features or branding.

Health care workers wash their hands countless times throughout the day. The strong antibacterial medical grade soaps can start to take a toll on their skin and can result in dry chapped hands, especially in the coming cooler months. Some hand lotion can be a clever stocking stuffer to help soothe this small inconvenience that comes with having some of the most important jobs in the world.

5. Water Bottle/Tumbler

3 rows of 5 white metal waterbottles on a light blue background

Staying hydrated is important for everyone. A tumbler makes that easier for those who are constantly on the go. With a wide variety of types of water bottles, thermos and tumblers in all colors and sizes, there is something for everyone. Give it an extra personalized touch and have it engraved!

6. Meal Kit Delivery Subscription

Various meats, fruits and vegetables are laid out on a dark background and viewed from above. A set of instructions is available to complete the recipe.

Busy schedules make it tough to find time for meal planning, much less trips to the grocery store. Make their lives a little bit easier and send them some groceries directly to their doorstep! There are quite a few meal and grocery delivery services to choose from, find the one that best fits their needs.

7. Medical Association Memberships and Subscriptions

Open laptop with glasses on keyboard in front of stacked newspapers.

Joining a medical association can provide educational and professional growth and guidance they will not find elsewhere. Cover their membership dues to provide them with access to newsletters, conferences, latest medical research and findings and continuing educational opportunities.

8. Apple Watch

Woman using smart watch

On the go lifestyles require extra gadgets to help juggle all the daily to-dos and errands. An apple watch might be just the tool they might need or find useful. It's a helpful way to handle many tasks including sending a quick text message, tracking their steps and checking emails. Make it more personal by picking out a band they might like to go with.

9. Compression Socks

A single black compression sock.

Health care workers are on their feet most of the workday. Compression socks can help ease some of the discomfort that comes with tiredness while also promoting blood circulation.

10. Coffee Machine

Coffee pours into a small white cup from a stainless steel coffee machine.

Long hours require lots of energy. A coffee machine makes an excellent gift for those who need a quick pick me up before heading to work. There are many brands and types to choose from; espresso machine, Keurig, cold brew maker, French press, pour-overs and many more!

11. Celebrate the Health Care Workers in Your Life

Diverse team of healthcare workers cheers for joy

The holidays are an excellent time to let health care experts know just how much you appreciate the long hours they put in and the sacrifices they make to save lives. The list above is a great starting point, but don't be afraid to use it as inspiration for more personalized gifts.