It’s time to look at one of the latest cybersecurity threats out there. Typically, when you think of cyber scams, you’re usually thinking about things such as credit card fraud, identity theft, viruses, phishing, and so on.

An emerging trend is home title fraud, which literally is robbing people of their home and the home equity they have built up over the course of years. You might be surprised to learn that real estate and rental fraud grew more than 2.6 times the rate of credit card fraud from 2015 to 2019.

How does this happen? First, forged deeds can be created by using easy to access online data. The perpetrators then try to file paperwork with the county claiming that they own your home. Finally, you as the true homeowner is typically unaware of what’s been happening until it’s too late: you then receive a letter indicating that you’re being foreclosed on.

Protect your home from home title fraud today and check out how you can stop this crime in its tracks through the visual deep dive below:

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