Feeling a bit overwhelmed by the number of notes in your business’ Facebook inbox?

Over the last two years, people have been talking and communicating more than ever before. That means more social media posts, emails and video chats.

But the biggest increase has been in messaging. Sixty-seven percent of people say they use messaging apps more now than they did two years ago, according to this 2017 Facebook study.

Now, 80 percent of adults and 91 percent of teens send a message at least once a day. In fact, the popularity of message has replaced other forms of communications for 51 percent of people.

All of that adds up to more than 1 billion people and businesses sending over 8 billion messages each month. That’s four times as many as the year prior!

In short, people in 2018 just can’t get enough of messaging apps. And that means they’re sending your business lots and lots of questions. More than half of those in the U.S. have messaged a business in the past three months.

And why not? It’s easy, quick and effective — that is for those asking the questions! If you’re the one typing up the helpful responses for your curious soon-to-be customers, try these tips to make your job easier.

Remember: these messages will pay off (literally). Fifty-three percent of people are more likely to shop with a business they message, and 55 percent are more likely to trust the business.

Best Practices to Handle Your Company’s Many, Many Messages

Make your message visual. People who used visuals were 1.59 times likely to say they had "great conversations" compared to those who don’t.

Sprinkle some emojis in your business’ messages. Or add a dash of GIFs if you want to kick up a notch. Really feeling crazy? Send a photo back to your receipt to humanize your brand.

A fast response is expected. Those who message your business expect a response faster than if they had used a more traditional form of communication.

So, you’ve got to deliver ASAP (and definitely within 24 hours). If you aren’t monitoring your Facebook’s Inbox 24/7, pen an "Away" message people will be sent automatically during that time. Here’s how.

Set expectations. Did you know you can change your response time that people see on your Page? Yes!

You’re going to want to that today. Click "Settings" at the top of your page, then "Messaging" on the left, and finally "Response Time."

Answer smarter. Feel like you have 10 questions you get all the time? Well, stop typing out individual responses to those! Now, you can create saved replies to send instead. Try it out!

Seriously consider a chatbot. Facebook conversations with chatbots grew 5.6 times since last year. Chatbots can help you meet customers’ expectations by answering questions with lightning speed.

Plus, chatbots can save you serious amounts of money and time. They can answer up to 80 percent of routine questions, which could reduce customer service costs by up to 30 percent, according to a 2017 IBM study.

Getting one up and running isn’t as costly as you’d expect. Check out the options here.