During this unprecedented pause in our lives, we have no doubt struggled with countless challenges. It's easy to list all the ways that this pandemic has stifled our personal lives and, in some cases, completely turned our spa businesses upside down.

However, in the spirit of the-glass-is-half-full, let's talk about the extraordinary ways that our industry has benefited from this time.

1. Clients appreciate our skills more than ever.

You know the old saying, “absence makes the heart grow fonder?” Well, clients have never missed us more than they do right now and can't wait to reconnect with us. They've learned through this trying time without us that there is no replacement for a professional grade service conducted by a trained and licensed professional.

Clients are waiting for us to open the doors to our spas and medspas for all of the services that they are dying to reincorporate into their daily lives. No online tutorial or at home technique can replace the expertise offered in your spa business and this should make you so proud. We are incomparable!

2. Stopping time to assess our businesses is a luxury we have been afforded.

How else would we have been given this gift of time? Especially in the service industry, where many spa businesses stay open through holidays, nights and weekends! We would never dare close our doors for this long; this was forced upon us and may be a blessing in disguise.

Have you taken time to assess your business, during this time off? Taken inventory of your likes and dislikes and ways to improve? Have you continued to reach out to clients and create deeper connections? Have you pivoted your business in any way and gained clarity for a new and improved direction?

So many businesses have had to answer some hard questions about their mission and direction for the future. But from this time, many will rise up to be new and improved spa facilities.

3. Clients are cognizant of their health.

If a pandemic has taught us anything, it's that we need to listen to our healthcare providers and take care of our bodies and immune systems. One of the greatest gifts of this time of disease is the awareness of health.

Moreover, clients now know the importance of staying home when they're sick, good hand hygiene, proper hydration and home-cooked food. All of these outcomes will not only help to keep our spas and staff healthy, they will create better outcomes with the services that we perform. Healthy clients have better results from treatments — especially those that require a bit of downtime or healing — when they themselves are healthy.

4. Work-life balance.

Whether we like it or not, most of us have been spending a lot of time at home. We worked from home, schooled our children from home and spent the most time we ever have at home. This period, for many, has shown just how important it is to balance work and home life.

We were able to spend time with our children and partners, get really productive around the house and spend much needed time in nature. We've embraced video chats and telemedicine, which have kept us all connected.

All of these aspects of sheltering in place have led to a new awareness of how we spend our time. This will no doubt create a new ethos going forward for business owners and employees alike. We have a fresh pair of eyes to approach scheduling and time management. This new outlook will only serve to benefit us and our businesses.

5. The beauty, spa and wellness industries will become essential.

With many experts saying that this pause will have profound effects on mental health, there's no question that our industries can help people feel better about themselves and reduce stress. So many clients have gone months without much needed therapeutic touch, wellness services and clinical beautification rituals, and they don't feel like themselves.

Once spas are fully open, clients will seek out industry professionals to make them feel pampered and beautiful once again. We will be an essential part of helping our clients reclaim their identities and their lives. Our businesses allow a safe, professional and sanitary place for clients to receive much needed care. We will play a pivotal role in recuperating their physical and mental health.

Though we have been through a trying time, it's advantageous to see the positives. I believe that the payoffs above — client appreciation, the gift of time for our businesses and ourselves, client health, and our essential role in the aftermath — are a huge win for our industry!

Take some time to appreciate your new perspective and realize that you can celebrate these wins and look forward to fruitful times to come.