In this episode, Phil Plisky explains exactly how an insurance-based clinic can generate lots of cash-based revenue by offering wellness-focused screenings and injury-prevention services. He precisely describes how his clinic has successfully leveraged injury-prevention screenings to develop a wellness-service niche that patients are happy to pay for out of pocket, even though they are accustomed to using their insurance at that PT practice.

This low-risk approach to developing out-of-network business that can protect your practice from future reimbursement cuts might be an ideal way for practices that are highly reliant on insurance-based business to get started with the cash-based model.

This “highlight” is from a full episode on developing a niche with injury prevention programs.

More specifically, we discuss these cash-based practice topics:

  • How “discharge testing” for insurance-based patients creates interest in cash-pay wellness services.
  • The surprising sales approach that has proven effective in getting new prospects interested in the practice’s injury-prevention services, including getting traction with professional groups and athletic teams.
  • Specific tests you can use to start offering injury-prevention screenings and associated services in your own practice.
  • How these cash-based wellness screenings and services are affordably priced and positioned to be fully compliant with existing insurance contracts.
  • How the injury-prevention programs are typically structured to meet the needs of each patient based on their individual risk.
  • What to do during patient screenings in order to achieve full buy-in with whatever cash-pay programs they choose to pursue.

Resources mentioned in this episode: