At a time when most business owners are scrambling to keep their business alive in a pandemic and reaching for any low-hanging fruit they can manage, it’s those that get truly innovative and creative that will not only survive the pandemic but also become the strongest companies long term.

So, I couldn’t think of a better time for this episode with Duncan Wardle, the former VP of innovation and creativity for Disney (yes, the Disney).

In this fascinating interview, Duncan walks us through multiple examples of how innovation was used to remove the customer’s biggest pain points and create historical profits. And he gives a handful of exercises we can use ourselves to do the same for our private practices.

For example, Disney knew visitors dreaded the long lines at the gate and every attraction, shop, and hotel throughout the park. So, Duncan reframed this and asked a “crazy” question: What if there were no more lines? This eventually led them to the solution of RFID wristbands that could allow visitors to access services automatically.

As a result, Disney enjoyed record revenues. Further, they could now truly understand what elements visitors actually preferred by analyzing the map of their travels within the park.

Since leaving Disney, Duncan has become an evangelist for the business value in creating improved customer experiences. In this interview, he explains methods for finding truly breakout solutions for your practice. He’ll give you strategies to get out of your habitual ways of thinking so you can find ways to eliminate your patient’s fears and resolve the issues that make it hard for them to buy from you.

More specifically, we discuss these cash-based practice topics:

  • The 5 common barriers to business innovation and how you can get around them to become a catalyst for change.
  • How you can create an environment that will help you generate the “big” ideas that will lead you to innovative solutions.
  • Why understanding the purpose of your company will be essential to your long-term success.
  • The kinds of marketing messages that are compelling for Gen Z and how to attract younger patients to your practice.
  • How reexpressing the challenge to reframe perceptions can help you see new opportunities and completely change your results.
  • Why you should include non-experts in your ideation sessions in order to have the benefit of the unhindered, audacious thinking that may hold the key to your best solutions.
  • How your ability to provide comforting personal experiences will make your customers happy to pay more for your services.
  • An exercise that will help you see things from your patient’s perspective.