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In this podcast, listen in as I give a detailed class on getting started with telehealth services as quickly as possible. This is a must-listen if you’re interested in using telehealth to get your practice through the coronavirus crisis.

This episode is taken from a Q&A coaching call on telehealth services with my Mastermind group. The information we cover builds on the recent podcast with Rob Vining, which explains exactly how to get your practice set up to provide the telehealth option.

More specifically, we discuss these telehealth-related and online physical therapy topics:

  • Common misconceptions about the legal limits on telehealth services and what is actually permitted.
  • The latest word on Medicare reimbursements for telehealth visits and how that can be good news for physical therapy practices.
  • Specifics on how to get set up with a telehealth platform, including details on my two favorite options based on cost and features.
  • Why you might want to be able to record your sessions and how to do so in a fully HIPAA-compliant manner.
  • Exactly how to quickly set up the telehealth option on IntakeQ.
  • Troubleshooting tech difficulties with calls and video conferencing and how to test in advance to be sure you can deliver a seamless session for patients.
  • What to include in your telehealth intake forms for new patients and how you can transition current patients with a quick consent opt-in.
  • What to include in reminder emails so you can avoid tech problems during sessions.
  • How to develop a process that will ensure your telehealth sessions will exceed patient expectations.
  • Important considerations related to malpractice insurance and how to approach accepting payment, so you won’t have an increase in cancelations and no-shows.
  • Strategies for transitioning existing patients and marketing to new patients, including how we are currently pricing and positioning telehealth in my practice so we can thrive during the coronavirus quarantines and beyond.
  • How to adjust your mindset so you’ll be able to see the current crisis as an opportunity to enhance your business.
  • The importance of discussing your plans with your staff before diving in headfirst so you don’t miss out on great ideas and advice.
  • Ensuring HIPAA compliance in all your communications with prospective and current patients.
  • Marketing telehealth services to attract new patients, including exact wording that converts and how to approach using paid ads.

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