Confused or clueless when it comes to Facebook Ads and how to create ad campaigns in-house that actually generate patients for your practice? This episode is for you!

For the past eight years, Jordan Mather and his partner have made a business of helping physical therapy practices successfully manage their online marketing. But in light of the mounting financial pressure on those practices during the pandemic, they decided to pivot and teach their clients how to handle their online marketing in-house. Their company, The Clinical Marketer, now specializes in sharing the knowledge and skills that enable practice owners to leverage digital marketing themselves and avoid paying large monthly fees to outside marketing firms.

In this podcast, you’ll hear some powerful strategies and easy-to-implement tactics for getting big returns on your Facebook ads and other digital marketing efforts.

More specifically, we discuss these cash-practice topics:

  • Why Jordan decided to start teaching practice owners how to do their own online marketing.
  • Clever ways to frame your marketing messages so your target market will recognize that you offer the best solution.
  • The primary reason that private practice ads get rejected by Facebook and how to avoid this incredibly common problem.
  • How to write ad copy that grabs the attention of your target market and gets them to pull out their credit card.
  • Why it’s a strategic mistake to use paid Facebook ads to offer free services, and Jordan’s alternative that makes you money and attracts ideal clients.
  • Tips for wording an offer that resonates with people who are ready to buy and turns away those looking for freebies.
  • Techniques that grow your email list of prospective patients in your target market.
  • How clever automated texting can build demand for initial phone consultations.
  • A simple approach to dramatically improve show rates and conversions for your webinars and online workshops.
  • How to expertly craft what you offer at the end of a workshop to increase new patient conversions and revenue.

Resources mentioned in this episode: