Your local landing page is one of the most common ways a local consumer will be introduced to your business — if your landing page has all the right elements to attract their attention. In 2019, 90% of consumers searched the internet to find local businesses, and this avenue of interaction has become even more important since the pandemic began.

In order to successfully get noticed in a search and gain enough interest to attract actual customers, there are several things your landing page needs.

Firstly, your local landing page needs to include elements that will give it a high rank in Google’s Local Pack. Google’s Local Pack is where your business will be highly visible, will be linked to Google My Business listings, and will be displayed above organic search results. Some of the ranking elements include Google My Business factors; backlink quantity, authority, and anchor text; and review quantity, freshness, and diversity.

Other important features to draw in potential customers are the contents of the body of your landing page, where consumers spend 74% of their viewing time; a clear concise headline; and mobile accessibility.

The local landing page can be the difference between a business that’s thriving or one that’s struggling.

Infographic courtesy Wiideman Consulting Group