Whether we’re suffering through a pandemic, celebrating the best moments of our lives, or simply sharing some serious couch time with a glass of pinot and our favorite book, alcoholic beverages are here to walk through all of life's moments with us, and 2020 was certainly no exception.

2020 was the year of misery, isolation, and unforeseen circumstances. It was the year that brought us the dreaded “new normal,” but also (and not surprisingly) the year that increased our thirst for our favorite adult beverages, and even expanded our horizons to create and embrace newer cocktails, such as the “Quarantini” and the ready-to-drink cocktail.

As we all were forced to become our own bartenders last year, 44% of Americans began purchasing alcohol online, and purchases of ready-to-drink cocktails grew by 43% worldwide. It’s awesome that COVID at least gave us some tasty new drinks, such as the “Charmin Quarantini,” but sometimes it’s even better to be able to just grab the drink and relax, without all the prep, mixing, and cleanup. Ready-to-drink gives us the perks of a “bartender” doing all the work from the comfort of our own homes.

These drinks may have risen in popularity due to our collision with calamity, but unlike quarantine mandates, ready-to-drink cocktails are here to stay.

Infographic courtesy Cooloo.com