A business isn't complete without a fitting name. Luckily, achieving a strong business name is only a few steps away.

First, take the opportunity to mention any keywords and phrases in your brand's name. If you need help with this, think about how you do business, and who you do business for.

Furthermore, create a long list of name ideas. In other words, don't commit to a particular word or phrase immediately. In contrast, ask friends and family for suggestions and feedback. You'll also want to stick to words that make sense rather than verbiage that provokes laughter.

Moving along, avoid names and trademarks that are already in use by another brand. To find if your brand name is available, search the Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS) and databases in your state.

Continuing on, consider how you will brand your business name, and check whether or not it's available on social media platforms. Ask yourself: how does the business name fit within your overall brand? Also, do a simple internet search to check for domain availability.

For a new business, a name is everything. Are you happy with the name of your business?

Infographic courtesy WPBeginner