Most people who use the internet regularly do not understand the impact links have on their search results. When it comes to Google, nearly half of all searches have a local intent.

According to a study conducted by Moz, the highest ranking factor for local searches is link signals. Link signals and building a link profile are the most effective way to improve search engine optimization.

However, not all links are helpful, and it is critical to understand how to comply with Google’s quality guidelines. The guidelines were instituted to protect users from harm and content that is not helpful. A successful link will create trust, diversity, and relevance for its users. These high-authority, high-value links dominate the internet and provide the search results that are most effective. Conversely, low-quality links create a sense of unease and misinformation. The word may rely on Google, but Google relies on links.

Check out the visual deep dive below to see an in-depth breakdown of link quality and how to build a professional link profile:

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