Ever since the pandemic began impacting the United States directly, countless news articles have featured an industry that isn’t usually in the spotlight — nursing homes. Our seniors are an aging population that is among the most susceptible to the impact of the pandemic and must be cared for properly.

That said, many seniors have been lonely as they have been physically away from their loved ones. We’re at a critical juncture as the future of nursing homes is now before us. In what ways can nursing homes be set up for success?

Let’s start with making sure that nursing homes are as clean as possible. And if you’re going to live in a nursing home or place your loved ones there, you’re going to want to make sure that cleaning services are plentiful. Cleanliness in nursing homes makes a big difference in improving safety of facilities and that more people can visit and be at ease. These improvements are essential in clean and sanitized areas.

Infographic courtesy GBC Facility Services