During the times of the pandemic, it has become clearer than ever that businesses need to be serious about their website presence. What once might have been considered a luxury or a nice to have is now essential to find a way forward.

Still, how do you know the best platform for your business? Many businesses enjoy the ease of publishing content on the WordPress platform. Now that you’re determined to get your website in order, keep in mind that Google’s best practices say that your website should load in three seconds are less. Speed is so important in today’s online world.

Let’s say you’ve made up your mind to use WordPress — what should you do next? There are so many different choices in the marketplace for what website hosting is best. Some are dedicated servers; others are shared hosting. Need help deciding on what the best WordPress hosting options are out there? Check out this visual deep dive, courtesy of WPBeginner for more information:

Infographic courtesy WPBeginner