In four years, the renewable energy market will reach $1.5 trillion. In 2019, the solar market generated $18.7 billion in investments while wind contributed $14 billion, plus hundreds of thousands of jobs each. Climate awareness is increasing demand; half of Americans say they would purchase renewable energy and even pay $15 more a month for the chance.

The issue with renewable, reliable energy today is the battery. Renewable energy is generated inconsistently. People still need electricity when the wind is still. Lithium-ion batteries, used since 1912, aren’t a good fit for future demands. Their capacity degrades over time and the batteries are difficult to recycle when they read the end of their lives. Lithium-ion batteries will still work for mobile applications, but not for long, stationary operations.

That’s where vanadium flow batteries come in. Lasting longer and recycling easier, vanadium flow batteries are the sustainable choice.

Infographic courtesy StorEn Technologies