As a marketer, you want your website to be reached as easily and frequently as possible, but that can be quite the challenge these days. One culprit could be the emerging "zero click" trend.

What is zero click? It happens when someone types a question or phrase into Google but finds the answer through search results alone, meaning there's no need to continue to click onto an actual website. The phenomenon is growing, too.

Google clickstream stats from last year show than less than half of Google searches actually resulted on a click in 2018, and data from the Nina Hale firm last November found that 93% of businesses saw a decline in their click-through rates over the past year.

Obviously, it's key to minimize zero clicks in terms of your brand, but that may seem like too tough a task. Zero clicks have to do with a micro, in-the-moment need being satisfied, after all.

Can you even compete in that realm? The answer is a resounding yes! Use the following smart strategies to optimize your website’s visibility and content. Then, you can powerfully counteract the impact of zero clicks on your profit margin:

Evaluate your CTR.

Your current CTR, or click-through rate, is worth its weight in informational gold when it comes to determining how to battle back against zero clicks. Google data says this is the way to do it: divide the number of clicks you're getting by the number of times your ad appears. If you get 5 clicks per 100 ads displays, your CTR is 5%, and you can do a lot better.

Beef up your overall Google presence.

According to research from Zero Limit Web, on the first page of a search result alone, the first five organic results account for 67.60% of all clicks. Obviously, this emphasizes the importance of making sure your products and services are in the range of those first five listings.

So, you need to brainstorm ways to get yourself there first and foremost. Make sure you're as visible as possible in Maps, Images, Knowledge Panels and Featured Snippets. And a great way to do this is to...

Make your website super-extra.

Throw all your marketing might behind an info revamp, packing your site with completely up-to-date information: detailed product info, how-tos, live video that can transfer immediately to YouTube, and exciting user-generated content. All of this can create excitement and interest when your brand is searched and boost your position in search results overall.

Use dynamic content triggers.

You can target website content to specific consumer "triggers" like gender or locale so it comes up as part of a search and can attract the interest of consumers who want to specifically know more from your website.

Make sure the triggers you use are broad enough to attract lots of eyeballs, but that you don't give away too much so that search results aren't enticing enough.

Gain consensus.

Survey your existing customers often for what makes them return to your website. Is it a great product display? Fantastic customer service?

Highlight those facets so that new customers doing a search want to experience more. Put your best foot forward, make your text enthusiastic and informative, and keep monitoring your progress — then zero clicks won't reduce your message, and your business can grow!