If your team is working remotely, chances are excellent that you've jumped on a Zoom conference call or two. But did you know that in addition to being a convenient meeting application, you can use Zoom right now to boost your brand's visibility and sales?

Zoom is tailor-made for these tough times as you try to get your digital and social media messaging revamped — and your audience is eagerly jumping on the Zoom bandwagon. New research from Sensor Tower Intelligence finds that first-time installation of Zoom's mobile app has risen an astonishing 728% since March 2. Zoom is easy to use, and its immediacy can't be beat when it comes to creating a sense of community.

So, how do you incorporate Zoom into a campaign quickly and super-effectively? Use these steps to get the ball rolling:

Record your content for repurposing.

Dubb.com finds that if you record your in-house Zoom calls and reframe them as original content, you can share info you want your demographic to know about.

Think webinars, explainers, and influencer chats — the sky's the limit if you use your imagination. Plus, sharing the inner workings of how your team operates and relates to each other can be a powerful demonstration in terms of showing that you're committed to transparency.

Start regular chat sessions with your audience.

Chipotle has had great success with its "Chipotle Together" Zoom marketing campaign, which fosters direct, friendly conversation with its customers. Essentially, the brand is facilitating a daily "hangout", relieving the stress of social distancing and creating a great boost for its products at the same time. Obviously, this goes a long way for preserving brand loyalty, helping the company stress its current delivery policy during COVID-19, and setting the stage for a strong in-house comeback once consumers are dining out once again.

Pitch material for partnerships with new brands.

You can use your imagination in a big way to put together a great visual presentation over Zoom, apart from simply meeting with potential partners right now. Your presentation can be completely fluid and interactive.

After you share a video explainer of the plan you've got in mind, why not pleasantly surprise your potential partners by asking them for their feedback on the spot? Be upfront about your desire to brainstorm immediately and incorporate the input you get the same way you would at a productive in-person meeting. You may just find yourself walking away with a deal a lot sooner than you ever thought possible.

Create user-generated content campaigns.

Team up with your marketing tribe members to create new material that's authentic and fun. Put the word out that you'd love to use their personal insights, video and commentary regarding how they’re using your products and services in their daily lives.

Watch that content roll in, then post it across all your social media platforms. This type of low-cost, immediate campaign strategy works perfectly now, and will sustain you into the months to come as well.

Emphasize great customer service into your marketing.

Hold a Zoom meeting spotlighting your CEO, founder and brand ambassadors where customers can ask questions or bring concerns to them directly. Then, repurpose the great give-and-take you get as part of a campaign. It's reassuring, it's fresh, and it's powerful! This kind of idea speaks to the ideal way to use Zoom to your best advantage — through a genuine human connection.