When you're trying to reach new or existing customers on social media, you need to gain their confidence and speak their language. What better way to accomplish these crucial goals than by involving your audience directly in your marketing?

You're no doubt familiar with the power of "real-person" ads: according to research from Stackla, 90% of consumers say authentic info regarding brands and products is important to them. Additionally, a study by Wompley found that real-person, unvarnished reviews spread across at least four sites can increase a brand's profits by 36%.

Your mission is clear: it's time to make the most of every avenue of user-generated content you can use to your advantage. So, how do you go about getting your consumers and followers to give you honest content they feel good about sharing and that potential consumers or clients will believe and take to heart? Implement the following five strategies.

Ask for the truth and nothing but the truth.

Let your audience know that honesty is your favorite policy. Make a clear statement on your website and in your social media posts that you want the brutal truth from your consumers when they review you. Ask them to tell you in detail what they love about your products and services. Ask them to tell you what they think could be tweaked or improved.

Also, always post what they saw in its raw form. Then, make a point in angling your advertising response copy about what you're doing to fix any flaws that need to be fixed in your goods or services. Transparency and a willingness to work with your customers in this way is surprising, refreshing, and reassuring. It will win you fans and keep your current revenue base very happy.

Solicit video testimonials from your satisfied customers whenever possible.

Ask your customers to talk about your products in their real-life environments. You want them to talk about your products in the places they actually use your products. And if they can produce video in which they're using your products? Even better.

Help your users shape their content if they want you to.

Engage in direct conversation with your consumers as to what kind of content you'd love to see them produce. Want to see them do an unboxing? Let them know you do in posts. Want more written feedback on review sites? Get the word out? Need some folks who are willing to chat about a newly launched product on your forums?

Get the conversation rolling by directly asking what they think. Make your needs and desires clear, and that guidance will yield results.

Offer incentives.

Discounts, promo codes, free offers — make sure your user-generated content providers on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn and Facebook Watch know you appreciate what they send you by giving them thanks.

Link away.

Route your provided content and opinions to as many outlets as possible so they see how their opinions can powerfully influence many other people. It's a sign of appreciation, it makes them feel good, and it wins your brand-new fans to boot. What could be better?